Whale Prodject

whalesIt’s interesting what you dredge up when you start deacquisitioning things. I found a bunch of old [painful] school prodjects, including this one about whales. I don’t actually remember this one as being particularly painful. This kid went to a small alternative school-within-a-school middle school and I could go on and on about that school but what was good about it was that the teachers actually got a chance to *know* the students as individuals instead of herding them around like sheep from one class to another whenever the damn bell rang. Baaa baaa. You can guess what I think about large bureaucratic middle schools and how good they are at smashing a young person’s self-esteem to smithereens [mine in particular, although I did eventually survive] but I think I’ll save that for some other day.

This was a good prodject. I didn’t have to get involved. I think I did provide some glitter. The kid was a 7th grader (I think) and she was supported by her teachers and a bunch of friends. “Mom, L will walk behind me with the poster when I present it.” Yes. That’s how middle school should be.

I always hated school prodjects. They’re supposed to do their own prodject but most kids just don’t have the capacity for organizing a multi-faceted, long-term prodject and it always seemed like one of us had to get involved to make it happen. Maybe the worst was one of Lizard’s 5th grade prodjects when the mom of the other kid (a good friend of mine) *edited* their writing. I agreed with the kids. Fer kee-reist. Most 11-year-olds do not write like most 40-year-olds, and they were *both* really upset that someone edited their work.

I am rambling aimlessly again. It’s March and my life is boring. Good night. I am actually taking a bit of paid vacay in the next couple days. There will be some work and some fun involved but man, do I need a couple days off. Look for me on the moominbeach. Most likely with snowshoes. Ojibway Hotel on Friday and Palace Saloon for dinner! Be there or be square!

3 Responses to “Whale Prodject”

  1. Sam Says:

    Bumming that I’m too far away to get to the Ojibway or Palace!

  2. jane Says:

    I won’t be there either, but order me a beer and an enchilada fajita just the same. 😉

  3. Paulette Says:

    I won’t be there. Currently in the sunshine state visiting my brother! BTW, they are complaining of the cold at 70 degrees in Fort Myers. Oh yeah.