Heck, I’d much rather go straight to the group home and scrounge up some kind of meager dinner than sit here in this greasy, smoky blasted barroom!!

Fly Honda Express! Er not? So that cute little incident in the picture caused the first big slowdown. There were apparently no injuries. Otherwise, I wouldn’t’ve posted it, what did y’all think? I will admit to muttering epithets about documents from Crackerjack boxes. Seriously, it was a young couple and they looked terrified and I’m glad they were okay. And I could tell that because I was going about two miles per hour. And then. Of course there is that whole marvel of modern engineering, the Zilwaukee Bridge. The broken Zilwaukee Bridge. The one that three lanes of heavy traffic have to squeeze down to two and detour around. What the heck was I thinking, leaving at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon and taking the I75 SUV Speedway? I know better. I could blather on and on and on about the idjits on the road tonight but, really, y’all just do not wanna know.

Then there are those slackers over at the EPA, who not only get to take Friday off this weekend. They get Monday too. Er, at least the GG gets Friday off. Technically, he works a compressed schedule of four 10-hour days. So even though he often works Fridays, not to mention putting in a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday, he *can* take Friday off if he wants to. And Monday? Heck, I have training on Monday afternoon.

Anyway, he drove up here early in the day and walked over to the Spikehorn for dinner and a ‘hattan and when I *finally* got off the blasted I75 SUV Speedway, I picked him up there. I could’ve ordered food there to take out but 1) I didn’t want to wait for it and 2) I didn’t want greasy barroom food and 3) I wasn’t really all that hungry. So we are here and I am cooking rice. And really, that’s about all I need. Oh, and a ‘hattan. And there’s a reason (or two) that we are wasting gasoline by driving two vee-hickles this weekend but it’s long and involved and I don’t wanna talk about. I hope the UU and The Beautiful Gay don’t get into a big mess at the Zilwaukee like I did.

G’night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite,
Kayak Woman @ Houghton Lake

P.S. Wish I would’ve brought some purple LED lights up here! For the ambience, don’tcha know.

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