Not one of these was from myyyyy grokkery store

cartsI don’t know what was going on today but there were about a billion abandoned grokkery carts between here and the Plum Market, including this group by the bus stop. KMart, Aldi’s and I dunno what else. Plum Market? Nothing. A fair amount of black ice though, especially right off my front porch, where it seems to collect no matter how much salt I put down. We *must* redesign that space…

But guess what? In order to get a photooo of all those carts, it meant that I… Walked… To the Plum Market this afternoon! The GG was skeptical. Don’t overdo, he cautioned. Well, I was not running a marathon (or snowshoeing five miles on warm wet snow on the North Country Trail). I was just walking to the Plum Market! We do not have whatever strain of influenza is [was?] going around this winter and I was back up at about 90% this morning. But it had snowed and Twitter reported black ice accidents around the area. And I was tired… I decided to lie low and work from home.

By about mid-afternoon, I was starting to get cabin fever. Something about being in a house with sick people for a few days. It isn’t an odor exactly (or maybe it is — big-time housecleaning this weekend!). I needed to get out and I needed to eat something besides sick food. You know, dry Cheerios, orange juice, yogurt, ramen noodles, Indian food (don’t ask). I wanted *spaghetti*! With meat sauce! Off I went.

I don’t know if the GG will eat spaghetti with me. He’s much better but still in a recovery mode. Do men suffer more from respiratory viruses than women? In my family that seems to be more or less true. Or is it an individual thing? Barfing viruses? I definitely get them worse!!! Fortunately I don’t get them *often*! Blech!

2 Responses to “Not one of these was from myyyyy grokkery store”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I read an article in a Reader’s Digest once that men do get harder colds than women. My husband felt very vindicated in his “suffering.” I should have never told him about it. 🙂

  2. l4827 Says:

    Men do cough cough.
    I am a cabin fever expert right now …