Burpin’ Tregurtha and celebratin’ St. Paddy’s Day a couple days early

macbookproSo, as I told my [Jewish] coffee buddy this morning (after a spirited conversation about religious extremists of *all* faiths), my [Jewish] boss decreed that we would celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at an after-work party at a nearby pizza/wings sports bar type joint. He brought his own green food coloring to dye the beer. Froggy was invited to the party! Actually, Froggy was invited to a tech meeting earlier in the afternoon. He got all decked out in his special St. Pat’s mardi gras beads and crashed the beer party. I had to remember to take off my St. Paddy’s Day deely-bobbers before I drove home. I had two glasses of cabernet (no green beer for me, sorry) and I was perfectly fine driving but I did not want to attract the attention of any po-leese officers by driving while Irish.

We had a reservation over at Knight’s tonight, which is an easy walk from here, thank you very much. One person at the party had been asking what Knight’s was like, and, of all things, asked if you had to dress up to eat there! Say what? I talked him down off that ledge with stories about Knight’s like the time I embarrassed Mouse there by taking off my snowpants at the bar right in front of god and everyone. I had a skirt on, I just had to pull them *down*. It wasn’t like I was getting naked or anything, fer kee-reist. And then there was the time we got the coveted balcony table above where people are walking in and it was summer and some poor unsuspecting woman walked in with a low-cut top on and let’s just say I got a good photoooo. Not a photoooo of the woman, mind you… When we were shown to that table tonight, the hostess asked if it would be all right. “Yes, of course it will, we were just talking about this table!”

There’s my new MacBook Pro in the photooo, or a bit of it. We got the “old” one back today with all new guts except the drive, which came back completely intact with all my “stuff”. I dunno. I wanted to love the “old” one but it seemed lightly lemonish from the start. The trackpad was bad out of the box and the 24-hour file transfer (or whatever it is) took three days and I had to keep replacing trackpads and and and… And NOOOO, I did NOT spill “pepsi” on it on purpose. Not at all. Just saying that this one “feels” different to me. More solid and together. Like my 2003 12″ screen G4 powerbook and my 2007 MacBook whatever. Both of which *never* had to go back for service for *anything* and *still* boot up and *work*, albeit slowly. Well, knock on wood for this new one and I think the lemony one has some good years left in it too.

Oh, and there’s one of those secret sun places that happen most often near the equinox. (And my long-defunct dishwasher.)

3 Responses to “Burpin’ Tregurtha and celebratin’ St. Paddy’s Day a couple days early”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Happy St. Patty’s day!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Sounds like a good day! 🙂 Wish I had Friday night plans, but no such(Irish) luck! And one of my grandmothers was a Flanagan.

  3. Paulette Says:

    I love the secret sun places. At this time of year they surprise and delight! So looking forward to the vernal equinox.