Typhoid Banana

treesActually, I was accused of having the bubonic plague, not typhoid. It was the LSCHP, who was looking into my cube from over the cube walls from a vantage point just outside the bathrooms. If you are tall, like the LSCHP, you can see all kinds of stuff as you traverse the building. Of course, if you are tall, like the LSCHP, everyone can see *you* as you traverse the building. Me? I can stand on tiptoe in my cube and see if the LSCHP’s door is open or closed. That’s about the extent of it. But I can go to the ladies powder room unobserved. Except for those moments when I round a corner at the top speed I generally travel at and almost knock over someone else who doesn’t top the cube walls. Stop signs anyone? [grin]

I would say I am back up at 100% but for the residual hacking up a lung stuff that lingers. So, let’s say 99%. The coughing is annoying but it’s getting better by the day. Going in or outside sometimes triggers coughing. Eating something, standing up, walking around, etc., too sometimes. I’m at the point of thinking it through. “In another week, I will not be coughing…” (That is how I got through the later months of pregnancy too. “By Thanksgiving, I’ll be holding a baby.” Etc.)

Is this really the first day of spring? I’m not turning off my xmas lights just yet. When I drove to work this morning, the sun was shining brilliantly but there were intermittent snow squalls. At one point it was so beautiful I almost wanted to stop and get a picture. You can’t photograph every moment of your life though and I trundled on. Roads were dry. Yay. Snow squalls continued throughout the day. Roads stayed dry.

Pulled into my parking spot by the pond to see a familiar face (and wings) careering toward my windshield. Like maybe about a foot away from it. Yiiiy! My own personal redwing blackbird has returned. Welcome back buddy. And welcome to Spring Birdpoop Season.

Oh, and around here, it is also Dead Branch season. The photo is just down the street from me but this is what it looks like all over town (often much worse) and has ever since the seven inches of slushy snow we got a few weeks ago knocked branches down everywhere. The city has actually decided to provide a *service* to its taxpayers and is picking all of this stuff up! I mean a service besides erecting various pieces of “public art” or building yet another 14-story young professional rich student apartment building downtown. I wouldn’t want to live on the 14th story knowing that the city has been ratcheting back the fire department in recent years but that’s just me, I guess.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Hope the cough goes away soon. Our weather is atrocious right now but the coming weekend is supposed to be decent. SUPPOSED TO.