In the zen of waiting for spring…

batscopeYet another ugly, gray, chilly, raw day. The clouds occasionally parted just enough to tease us with bits of blue sky. Not enough… Plus it’s a kind of slow week at work. For me, anyway. Dev and QA are on the other end of the prodject and they are in stress mode at this point. I’m sitting around picking away at small issues and ancillary documentation, waiting for the next prodject’s requirements to be handed down.

The GG spiced it all up by changing his plane reservations from El Paso to Daytwa like twice. I had expected to pick him up at 5:40 PM. Then it was 9:15 PM (yuck), then he managed to change his flights and ended up landing at 2:30 PM… In a snow squall… Like the snow squalls I drove out to Metro and back in. Roads were fine, thank you god. Squalls were light and temps were in the upper 30s / lower 40s. (I am thankful that I don’t work for Marissa because I was able to leave in the mid-afternoon to pick the GG up at Metro, take him home and work from home the rest of the afternoon.)

So, spring is late. But that is a good thing in the grand scheme of things because last March we had an extended period of 80-90 degree days and a tornado and then freezing temperatures in April. Guess what that did to the Great Lake State crops?

This year:

Farmer John’s asparagus crop should be prolific this year. Looking forward to being able to buy his produce at the “farmer’s market” in my work lunchroom. Asparagus is only the beginning.

Besteman’s should have a good maple sugar run this year.

Holland (Michigan) should be able to hold a tulip festival this year rather than a tulip *stem* festival. Kudos for Holland for making the best of things last year.

Traverse City should be able to hold the annual cherry festival without importing cherries from Poland.

And then there was the apple crop.

Whatever, Batscope hitchhiked home on the GG’s plane(s) today and Frooog has obviously adopted him.

Cautiously optimistic about marginally higher temperatures this weekend. Rain? That would be okay.

One Response to “In the zen of waiting for spring…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Spring is here for a while at least. Low 60s and sun. It’s making me feel like I need to do yard work, but it can turn in an instant into 40 degree rain and wind.