In my Easter bonnet…

quarryI always laugh when my Jewish buddies wish me a happy Easter. I don’t really “do” Easter.

When I was a kid, Easter *was* a big deal and it wasn’t about getting your picture taken with the Easter Bunny at the mall. There wasn’t even a mall back then, at least not where I grew up. We would wake up and look for hidden Easter eggs (not the computer kind), then there were Easter baskets filled with chocolate bunnies and jelly beans and stuff nested in Easter grass. And there would usually be a gift or two. And then we dressed in our Easter finery to attend some sort of event at church and probably a dinner at Grandma’s or Don and Katie’s. All of the businesses in town were closed on Easter in those days. Even the grokkery stores and probably the gas stations (but I don’t really remember). Convenience stores? I don’t think we had those when we were kids.

I don’t practice a religion nowadays and we did not raise the beach urchins in any kind of church setting, although we certainly did hide Easter eggs and provide Easter baskets and gifts, etc. I think religion is fine when it involves a personal relationship with some higher power and/or provides a caring community for people who need one. What got me off the train is the hypocrites so often encountered and that religion is so often used as an excuse to start wars or kill/enslave/oppress people. I do *not* think that our tax dollars should support any kind of religious organization and I do *not* think that religion has any place in polly-ticks. I think that there probably *is* a higher power of some sort. I don’t think that higher power cares about our petty problems. I do believe in the Golden Rule but often fail in practice, alas…

In my Easter bonnet today, I took an early rain walk with the GG during which he bagged our planned hiking tour for the morning. Back at the Landfill, I made eggs benny for the GG, Lizard, and I. Some slodging around ensued and then LB and I prepared to walk to The Plum Market. She grabbed her sunglasses and I was thinking, “What? It is cloudy out…” Halfway through the Plum, things got *bright*. The SUN WAS OUT! (The Plum has skylights.) We finished our shopping, walked back home and dragged the GG out for a couple more mini-hikes, like this one at the Fox Science Center (photo), an old quarry.

Liz went back to FF and I tried to go to Staples and that’s when I realized that most stores (including Staples) *were* closed for Easter. So, a mini-ham dinner here tonight with Mouse (who apparently has the mangy old cold virus that we have both survived) and back to work tomorrow. Heigh-ho!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Easter was fun when the kids were little-coloring eggs, doing Easter egg hunts, finding their Easter baskets. Now it’s not as great. Maybe it’s because I have no religion either.