Fool Moon

foolmoonMan oh man, I am so taaarrrred, I am just about dead in my tracks right now. Long long day and then when I went to shut down my loverly work windows laptop, guess what? It would *not* shut down. Logging out, logging out, logging out, little blue donut thingy spinning and spinning and spinning. Not a good sign. Finally, with much trepidation, I did a hard shut down, then prayed the damn thing would start up again. Yes. This time…

We had been kind of thinking of heading up to Houghton Lake for the weekend but then I was getting ready for work yesterday morning, the sun was blazing through the windows, showing every little scrap of dirt, dust, crud and corruption, and I was blindsided. Duh. We need to wash the windows! And when I was taking a shower a while back, I looked up at the fan in the Blue and Only Bathroom and I noticed that the fan was totally caked in dust or mud or whatever you call it. And then there are the blinds in the Blue and Only Bathroom. And the Landfill Dungeon that I only barely got started on last weekend… Plus, the whole window washing thing got me thinking about the doorwalls we have back here in the Back Room and how awful they have *always* been and I decided maybe we needed to go out and look for replacements doorwalls. Plus the GG seems to have caught another cold. Not as bad as the first but still. And we need a new ink cartridge for the blasted printer (just saying that as a reminder to myself, even though it’s on both my phone grocery list and a post-it note list). And on and on and on. I think we are staying down here on The Planet this weekend.

Down to the Oscar Tango barrroooom tonight for dinner and a surprise visit from npJane and a friend at the end. Then on to Fool Moon, which has become a *thing* here on the Planet Ann Arbor. We even had a couple of glowsticks but gave them up to a pair of twins (or not…) before walking back over to the west side and home. Some year we might even make our own luminary (see photoooo).

For now, I think I will try to stand up and walk to the bedroom and crash and burn. It’ll be an early morning tomorrow — a walk, some early shopping and then a Work Weekend will ensue. The Gumper would be proud!

Good night,

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Right now I hate computers and everything associated with them, LIKE PRINTERS.