The scrubbly bubbly tub

huronriverI don’t have much of anything today. It was a Work Weekend and I had a list of things to do. I didn’t finish everything on my list but I made some decent progress. We did not have the guzzinto to remove the outer windows and clean them today. We’ll finish the window washing prodject in a few weeks maybe. Maybe someone will have found Spring by then. I know that Mother Nature sorely misses her. I heard that on National Petroleum Radio.

One of the reasons we didn’t travel to the Great White North this weekend was due to the siren call of 65 degree temperatures here on The Planet. Oh, not so much. 30 yesterday morning. My phone lied to me when I woke up. It said 47 degrees. I took a shower and dressed for 47 degrees but when I got out to the chitchen, *that* thermometer said it was only 31 or whatever. I was under-dressed but, after some hemming and hawing, went out and walked *anyway*. I eventually warmed up and the temperature eventually hit the low 50s, which have continued throughout today. But that wind! Kee-reist… I have heard that it was *worse* in the Great White North though…

So, picked away at little bits of flinging and washing and vacuuming (mostly via Roooooomba, who zooms around like crazy with her new battery). A bit of urban hiking down by the river, just to drag the GG oot and aboot. And then a trip to the Plum in the late afternoon so the GG could pick out snacky-type stuff. And just to get him oot and aboot. Again…

We missed Festifools this year. Well, we didn’t exactly miss it. We did go to Fool Moon on Friday night. I’m not sure that the GG wanted to walk all the way downtown to Festifools. It’s a really cool event but we went last year and the street was so crowded we almost couldn’t see what was going on, let alone take pictures. Lizard Breath texted us from there today. And she ran into npJane, so I guess that Fin Family Moominbeach was well represented. We’ll do it another year, maybe with actual *plans* to meet for a coffee or an adult beverage baked into the whole thing.

4 Responses to “The scrubbly bubbly tub”

  1. isa Says:

    Sorry! Went to meet the Bens on a farm (I chopped down a tree or two!) and I wasn’t sure if A2 proper would fit in to the plans…

  2. Paulette Says:

    It indeed is cold, and damp, and rainy in the North. We are so yearning for any continuing sign of spring. We have been focusing on the “margins” of winter like sand hill cranes returning, snow receding on the sides of the roads, wee patches of ground appearing, potholes “surfacing” in S.S. Siberia, and ships cruising day and night in the not always open channel. Snow drifts are so plentiful and impressively deep that they have convinced me that they will last until early June. Is that possible? Really? 🙂

  3. Margaret Says:

    After some very nice weather last weekend(and lovely warm sun for my visit to Southern CA) the PNW is back to cold and rainy. It was in the high 40s/low 50s today and pouring. Snow in the mountain passes which have a great snow pack. This summer should be great for irrigation and hydroelectric power. Thinking positively! 😉

  4. jane Says:

    I did run into Liz and ‘the bens’ – which is so helpful since I’m terrible with names. anyway – it was great to run into her, if only briefly, and discuss our beer drinking options. both the short term ones (she was across the street from her destination and I was just around the corner from mine) and longer term plans for beach beer this summer. 😉