Yogi is coming! Yogi is coming!

I’m not going to write about Yogi but I’ve been hearing about him all day via Broooooosie, who wandered about in cube land warning everybody about him. Yes, Brooooosie does do productive work to earn his salary although given the point in our release cycle I have no doubt that today was a slow day for him. Even if he wasn’t productive, I for one would want the company to still pay him. He’s one of those people that every workplace needs to have around. Anyway, every time Brooooosie warned me about Yogi (and it was multiple times), I told him I had spent the whole weekend in a damn snowstorm. Because guess what we didn’t open up over the weekend?


The place with the red railings is the moomincabin and that snowbank in between the moomincabin and The Old Cabin really is around the same height as the GG. Round Island kind of faded away with all the snow that was coming down so I aimed my iPhone a bit more to the west and caught these pine trees on the bank with Cullis’s Point in the background.


And here’s a close-up of a clump of snow-filled red pine needles at the end of the path to the moominbeach.


And finally, a view down the path to the beach. We needed to get going at this point. We were only able to do a drive-by at the moomincabin this weekend. Checked things out, grabbed a few more boxes outta the garage and headed on down to meet our North Country Trail hiking buddies at Brevort Lake. When we got down there, the Mean Old Grunchie Old Grinchie had called my phone wondering something like What The Heck? Who has droven in? He is one of the folks who keep track of who comes down our little two-track road during the off-season. I called back and explained our drive-by visit and lack of hooking up with him or Jeep / Pan. It was a good weekend but it didn’t quite go as planned…


This photo is of the moominbeach approximately a year ago. We didn’t open the place that weekend but we did spend some time out there and I’m sure I walked the beach in bare feet and some people probably went out in the woods and used implements of too much fun, etc.


One Response to “Yogi is coming! Yogi is coming!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Geeze–too much snow this year, eh? We didn’t get any, or not much anyway. I am fine with that!