“It isn’t spring until the ice is outta the St. Mary’s!”

clydes2013That would be a quote from The Commander circa 1963, who spent a lot of time arguing with me about whether I needed to wear a blasted jacket or not. Heck, it’s sunny and warm out. Why the heck do I need a blasted jacket? [The temperature was probably in the 40s…]

We didn’t get to Clyde’s the first day it opened this year but we did get there last weekend. Was it snowing? I can’t remember if it was snowing *while* we were at Clyde’s or not. I think that started up a bit later. But it was damn cold and I gave our waitress an extra big tip. I am always a good tipper but this woman *cheerfully* ventured out into winter weather conditions to wait on us. She deserved an extra good one.

Clyde’s opened in 1949 and I have been going there all of my life and I could write about that… All of the times I went there with my parents or grandparents or the times I took the beach urchins there, etc., etc., etc. This time, there was a bit of a facebook cluster-you-know-what going on. What fun! Lemme see…

I am facebook friends with the Siberia bank manager (she also lives next door to The Commander’s house). She traveled south that day and posted on facebook that she had crossed the Mackinac Bridge. I saw that she had posted that when I posted my routine Mackinac Bridge photo. We got to Clyde’s and there was a facebook message that said I should go over to the bank and pick up a newspaper clipping about my grandad becoming the bank president. And so I did and then we went over to Barish’s where the GG bought clothing and we both commiserated with Bill O. about losing elderly relatives and talked about hiking and x-c skiing and whatever. Bill O and his family lived in the house across the alley from my childhood house on Superior Street. He is an uber-cool person who is still running his family’s ancient clothing business in Sault Ste. Siberia.

Other facebook things happened throughout the weekend. Siberia class of 1972 friends, North Country Trail folks, etc. I am babbling incoherently but Facebook cracks me up (except when it doesn’t).

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