Snow squalls on Crazy Hat Day.

crazyhatdayYes, we have spirit week at work sometimes. It’s okay, it’s not like somebody at the mother ship decrees that we *must* dress up. It’s that the LSCHP enjoys stuff like this. Grateful Dead t-shirt and Batman yarmulke anyone? We are just about the stodgiest crew on earth but we play along (or not)…

Lemme see… This week, all we had to do on Monday was wear something red. I was off last Friday so I didn’t even get the email about this until I got into work on Monday. I was already dressed. Luckily, red is one of the three colors in my wardrobe and I had randomly grabbed red (and black) that day, so I was covered. Tuesday was a team t-shirt. I could not care less about sports teams but I dredged up a t-shirt with a Lake Superior map on it and hung it over the back of my chair. Lake Superior is its own team and I have to say it is winning big-time this year. Wednesday hip-hop? I don’t even know what eeez that. Several other gals made up for me. Thursday: something old-fashioned. Hey, that’s our whole team of baggy old folks. And today was Crazy Hat Day.

mouserabbithatI didn’t exactly forget Crazy Hat Day. But this morning it was total cat-herding mode here at The Landfill. The Ninja was going in for scheduled maintenance at 7:30 AM and I did *not* get to do my regular 0-skunk-30 walk and that just threw my whole day off. Crazy hat? What hat? I’ve been wearing my crazy hat all winter and this morning it was 60 (at least to start) and I didn’t need a blasted hat for once and I decided not to wear one. So there.

We do have crazy hats around here. There’s the aforementioned crazy hat that I wore all winter. The black bomber hat with the hologram sequins. It *is* a crazy hat but everybody at work has already seen it. I could’ve worn one of the GG’s Stormy Kromer Elmer Fudd hats. Or the getup he has on in the photooo above from the Oscar Tango tonight. Or I could’ve dredged the Landfill Dungeon for old costume headgear. Mouse ears or maybe Mouse’s rabbit hood. It might at least fit on top of my head? Heck, Brooooosie wears winter hats with ears on them. Why can’t I?

Oh well, it was 60 degrees when I woke up and checked the weather on my phone at 5:30 this morning. By the time I rolled into my work parking spot a little after 8, it was down to 44, according to the Frog Hopper’s temperature gauge. Walking down to the Oscar Tango tonight? 40 or thereabouts and little snow squalls. Very lightweight and no accumulation whatsoever tonight although a possible half-inch is predicted overnight. Fortunately, I did not put my [crazy] winter hat away for the season yet.

Good night,
Kayak Woman

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  1. Margaret Says:

    We have lots of spirit days at school and I sometimes participate, unless it’s too much effort! 🙂 Snow, still? Ugh.