Don’t take Carrie to the prom

Is history repeating itself? One of the beach urchins told me today that someone told her she looked like Sissy Spacek. You know. Carrie? Right? The one you don’t take to the prom because mayhem will ensue and blood will spurt all over hell and gone? Oh, just google “don’t take carrie to the prom”. You’ll find it.

It was a 1976 movie. I know. I just googled it. Actually, I *saw* the movie back in 1976 or whenever it was that Carrie made it to the little yooper podunk town of Sault Ste. Siberia. I am pretty sure that I saw it with Uber Kayak Woman. For whatever random reason, we were both there at the same time and I was a little surprised that she suggested it because it didn’t seem like the kind of movie she might be interested in at the time. But we went. And afterwards, we went to one of the local Siberian barrooms and about all I remember (or think I remember) about that was a lot of wild dancing jumping up and down and careering around and yelling intelligent things like, “BARROOM!” Or maybe that was a different time. But probably not. Akshully, it was prob’ly *every* time.

But then random strangers that I would run into at the grokkery store or whatever would walk up to me and say, “Hey, you look just like Carrie!” I would stand there dumbfounded for a split-second thinking “who is Carrie?” and then I’d remember all the blood streaming all over the place and I would be kind of double dumbfounded. Me? I would ask. Er, stutter stutter stutter, I am not Carrie. Of course by that time, Sissy Spacek had done some other movies too and was gaining a reputation as a pretty darn decent actress. But still. It was all sort of weird and I would look at myself in the mirror and I could sort of see what they were saying but I still really didn’t think I *really* looked like Carrie, blood or not.

This went on for 10 or 15 years but I haven’t heard it for a long time now that I am a baggy old moom who talks to herself and knocks people over with her cart in the grokkery store aisles.

So I was totally floored when I heard that someone actually said that to one of my daughters! I don’t think she looks like Carrie at all. She thinks that *I* look more like Carrie than she does. I’m not sure I have ever even told my kids about that, although it’s entirely possible that I have. I guess I’ll just give up trying to figure it out. Instead, I’ll just do a lot of wild dancing jumping up and down and careering around and yelling intelligent things like, “BARROOM!” In my back yard. Maybe it’ll scare the skunks away.

So, Have any of y’all ever been told you look like a moooooooovie star?

P.S. Oh, and heck, Sissy Spacek *is* a heckuva good actress and if y’all have never seen Carrie, you oughtta rent it! Make a party out of it. Serve Bloody Marys or something. Toast me!

9 Responses to “Don’t take Carrie to the prom”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    Hey, running around the backyard yelling “BARROOM” actually almost sounds like fun!….as long as you don’t pull a “Burke” in the process (um, is that the name I’m trying to remember from some of your stories???)… LOL

  2. mouse Says:

    Uhm, Kirsten Dunst on two or three occasions. I beg to differ.

  3. mouse Says:

    But you do look like Sissy Spacek. Which I suppose must mean that *I* look like Sissy Spacek…

  4. Pooh Says:

    The old lady in Kansas, riding on her bicycle after kidnapping Toto in “The Wizard of Oz”. only when I’m riding my red hybrid bike.

  5. Sam Says:

    Don’t know who looks like Sissy (one classy lady), but I still have a soft spot for Carrie, pore thang….

  6. Pooh Says:

    At MSU, Mark was frequently told that he looked like Radar O’Reilly on M.A.S.H. I don’t remember the actor’s name.

  7. Dog Mom Says:

    Gary Burghoff

  8. Dog Mom Says:


    OK, I’m done!

  9. grandmothertrucker Says:

    Suzie Pillsbury was told she looked like Carrie, way back when the movie came out. Years later people from school would say to me, “Oh yeah, your sister Suzie, she looked like Carrie from that movie, yeah, I remember her.”

    I was told in high school that I looked like Valerie Bertonelli from the TV sitcom, One day at a Time. We has the same haircut too.