“Moom, can we eat at Seva some time this week?” Well, sure, that means one less meal I have to dream up.

Seva, accent on the second syllable thank you very much, is a vegetarian restaurant here on The Planet and I don’t know exactly when it opened but it’s been around since B.K. I’m pretty sure I used to go there with Pooh and The Marquis and maybe even Alice and Evelyn et al, back before I even lived here. Later on, it was a favorite lunch spot when The Commander and Grandroobly et al visited town, despite the fact that Grandroobly was a carnivore’s carnivore, so to speak. Steak and “hamburg on a bun” were among his favorites. He would rather grudgingly order an egg salad sandwich at Seva. Hey, it’s okay, we cooked plenty of steak for him here at the Carbeck Landfill!

Once, I remember eating there after an ill-fated hike on the Potawatomi Trail. We had hiked and skied there a few times before but somehow we managed to get *lost* and ended up hiking 15 miles instead of the five we planned. Without water. I was four months pregnant. Not a good thing. Actually, pretty stupid. Fortunately, the Lizard was and is a lot tougher than some might think she looks. About nine months later, I had lunch at Seva with Radical Betty, the baby Liz sitting on my lap studying her great-aunt through big blueberry eyes.

Then there were about a million years of extremely picky eating. Don’t tell anyone, but I probably took the kids to McDonald’s more often than Seva during those years. When your kids bounce along at zero on the growth rate curve, you pretty much let ’em eat whatever they want. When we did go to Seva, they would eat grilled cheese sandwiches, actually on second thought, I think it was nachos, and a chocolate frappe. But the pendulum has swung. We ate at Seva last night, it was Mouse’s idea, and I think the kids are healthier eaters than I am now.

Well, except that tonight, I think the plan is Blimpy Burger. I’ll pass. I’m going out to work on a group project. And I got my dose of grease at Clyde’s Drive In last weekend.

3 Responses to “Sevahhh”

  1. Isa Says:

    You’ve forgotten to include that your surrogate daughter Colleen worked there for a number of years… four or five or something…

  2. Webmomster Says:

    OMG. Seva. I’d totally forgotten it’d existed, been so long since I’d heard the name – and longer yet since I’d last been there. Now that’s TWO places I need to go to in future A2 visits. Whoa.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    So, next time you’re down here and I’m waffling and can’t think of a restaurant, hit me over the head with Seva!!! 🙂

    Um, what’s the 2nd place? Not Blimpy, right? What is my fried brain forgetting at this late hour?