Old Abby is Organically Grown

rivieraYes, the Houghton Lake webcam. The dust is settling on Old Abby’s* recent dark phase and I just approved a comment on a post waaaayyyy last week from a fellow Houghton Lake property owner. Thanks for the comment and, yes, the webcam seems to not be updating. Not sure what’s going on… The GG may not be able to fix it until the weekend after this coming weekend. I know that many C Fam folks watch it, as well as some others. But we will fix it.

I reeeeeallly need a vacation, although I am not going to get much of one for a while. I am still working on something stultifyingly boring at work (but it needs to be done) and I actually daydream about the boooorrrring prodject I’m engaged in at The Landfill, which is hand-raking every last old dead stick, oak leaf, and acorn outta my yard (five minutes at a time). I greeted my neighbor and her dog from behind the bushes this afternoon and the dog went nuts. Neighbor was embarrassed about the dog but I knew what was going on and told her about the Floating Head Syndrome.

I am not aiming to have one of those perfectly manicured yards like the ones in the McMansion development where I often take my lunch walk. I like a bit more disorder than that and I’m also sure those folks have one o’ them thar nayberhood assoceeashuns and have to keep up with the McGillicuddys or whoever. YUCK!!! I don’t know when, how, or if we’ll get to the point of transforming the Landfill yard into what I want it to be (as if I *knew* what I wanted it to be). For the moment, I think I am channeling the derned Commander with all of this yard clean-up stuff.

The Indian in the Cupboard photoooo? If I had been able to access my boring old blahg last Friday night, this would be what I would’ve posted. Liz’s Lounge at the Riviera Resort in Prudenville. We had cocktails and dinner there with the Lord and Lady of Linden (who were 10 miles or so behind us on the I75 SUV Freeway). A perfect destination where we watched the sun set. A much different trip to the Great White North than the one we took three weekends before when we drove through an ice/sleet/snow storm that began around Pinconning or thereabouts and continued until we got off at the UU’s near Gaylord. 45 mph was the rule and snow fell in the north throughout that weekend.

* Old Abby? I’ve been porterized, I think. I like that name for my blahg… Old Baggy’s Old Abby.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    On a random note, we loved The Indian in the Cupboard movie. I like my yard to look nice, but it’s just for me and not for the association. 🙂