Mold and rabbits and things

blossomsOne thing that I did not do yesterday (Mother’s Day yada yada) was “plant” a bunch of impatiens. One of the few things my black thumb manages to succeed at is to throw a whole ton of impatiens into a big pot. If I remember to water them occasionally (when I’m home), they seem to thrive throughout the summer and I usually end up throwing them in the compost in late September. I got this idea from The Commander although her thumb was a lot greener than mine is.

For the last few years, the GG’s mother’s day gift to me has involved buying a bunch of impatiens for me to put in pots and setting up a wheelbarrow full of soil from our compost and whatever. Last year I potted my impatiens on Mother’s Day. They were beautiful. I probably took photos. So much fun. Alas. Within a couple of weeks they seemed to be dying. What was happening? We thought that Henry the rabbit was eating them. Why had he never eaten our flowers before? I couldn’t figure that out.

This spring, the GG went over to one of our fave plant places. Where were the impatiens? Nowhere. He asked. Guess what? A *mold* has infected impatiens plants, at least in this area. There are a few plants available but people are reluctant to sell them. “Buy them at your own risk!”, proclaimed the not-very-friendly gal we talked to.

I have to guess that the impatiens we bought last year died because of the mold cause we did not use mold removal, not because Henry ate them!

I did not buy any impatiens this year. I have not purchased any annuals this year. Mouse has a vegetable garden going, the GG planted some sunflower seeds yesterday, and I am looking forward to a certain package to arrive this week. Me? I am still hand-raking the yard five minutes at a time, trying to work myself into the zen of gardening, possibly under the steerage of someone over on the other side.

Goooood night,

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    We had lovely impatiens last year(that my husband bought) and lots of begonias too. This year I bought mostly petunias, geraniums and tomatoes. Hoping for a warm summer!