Oh great. The moe-skee-toes are out.

damReading that tweet from a fellow Ann Arborite this afternoon did nothing to improve my mood. (And no, she didn’t spell “mosquito” like I did. That was how moi baby pronounced it when she was first exploring how to say the word for those pesky little buggers.) My mood? It was okay, it isn’t wasn’t *exactly* a woe-is-me kind of mood. More like an okay-I’ve-parked-at-work-but-I-do-not-wanna-get-outta-the-car kind of mood. Why? Because it was an absolutely GORGEOUS day. I mean, I *did* want to get out of the car, I just wanted to *stay* outside. Walking from the Ninja to my loverly once dog-poopy cube was not enough time outside. It has been a loooonnnnnnng winter and even just a few days ago, I had to suit up in glubs and ski-band, etc. to take my 0-skunk-30 powerwalk. Again. Today? Sigh.

To make matters worse, the long-hard-working and currently sequestered GG (I’ll take that down if you want me to, buddy) headed up to the Great White(?) North this afternoon. I cannot join him until about a week from now. But man-oh-man, did I want to be heading north today. Or anywhere, really. Actually, I’d kind of like to travel somewhere different than northern Michigan for a change. As long as it doesn’t involve the damn TSA, that is… I just want to get in a car and go…

Everybody else at work seemed to be suffering the same sort of ennui that I was but we made it through and despite a snails-pace commute home, I felt more like my usual self once I got there. A special package of dahlia tubers on my front porch helped with that (thanks UKW!) and then I kind of swung into multi-tasking action… Water the front lawn, coil up that annoying 100-foot hose, begin the task of switching out winter bizcaz for summer bizcaz, filling up a big trash bag with donations in the process. Fling-a-ding! Good mood? Yes! I hope I can propel that mood throughout the weekend.

I have not encountered moe-skee-toes yet this year but I’m sure I will soon. Hopefully there won’t be any damn gallynippers. One of the last times I remember The Commander reading my blahg was summer 2011 when we had gallynippers in the area. She called me specifically to ask me what were those gallynipper things? At that time, I was hoping that she would settle in to her beautiful assisted living apartment at Freighter View and read my blahg for a few more years but it was not to be. I am not sad about this. It was what it was…

This weekend? I have a lot of things on my list. As much as I wish I could be up in the north country, I am buzzing with prodjects here at the Landfill and maybe I will actually make minor inroads in getting some of them done.

6 Responses to “Oh great. The moe-skee-toes are out.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like the word ennui. 🙂 It describes my life perfectly. Got a lot to do but no desire to do it.

  2. isa Says:

    How long is dad gone? I though the was coming right back. Maybe I will come over for a make-up Mother’s Day on Sunday (but let’s touch bases first).

  3. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Totally related to this today. Hubs has been taking at least one day per week off from work to head to Harstine for about 24 hours to chip away on his self-assigned house construction stuff (right now it’s deck, outside electrical conduit, septic line, etc.) and also catch the gaffs the framers keep making. It’s WORK, but I feel envious because I’d much rather be THERE than doing the mundane-yet-stressful deadline crap I do between godawful commutes. It’s such a long haul for me between New Years Day and Memorial Day Weekend. I am beyond ready for a long weekend, and plan to make it a FOUR-DAY weekend. Can’t get here soon enough.

  4. Pooh Says:

    You’re always welcome to take a meander down to St. Louis. We’re starting to get hotter weather, though this week there were scattered frost warnings in the outlying areas Monday morning, and a high of 90 on Tuesday! FTW?

    Or head down to the Great Smokies NP. Lots of great hiking there. (and baseball)

  5. jane Says:

    I went to lunch at the Bakehouse and sat outside with a friend catching up and eating my fav — half and half Cheddar Ale and Turkey Urfa Chili. With a brioche roll. 😉 Did NOT want to go back to work.

    As for ennui — I sometimes suffer from jane-ui. similar to ennui, but more specific to me.

  6. kayak woman Says:

    I guess I could’ve called it “Anne-ui” except that I don’t really like my given name all that much. And “Kayak Woman-ui” doesn’t quite work… Jane, we should meet at the bake house some day. You must work on this side of town? How did I forget that? (Or maybe I never asked…)