Trying to keep up with myself…

haisleymorningDo I hear an echo? Derecho? Anyone? “They’ve” been threatening us with weather-type gloom and doom all the dern day. Derecho? We’ll see.

The only derecho (google it) that I have ever been in (that I know of) is the Greeeeeen Stoorrrrrrm of 1980! I sat on the front porch at my North Seventh Street apartment eating one of my all-time fave breakfasts of dry cheerios that morning. It was a loverly upstairs flat but I was glad to leave it in the end. But I loved the front porch and the morning of the Green Storm was beautiful. A gorgeous sunrise and birds chirping, etc.

My Seventh Street porch faced the east and so did my drive to work over at That Darn EPA. Sitting on the porch and driving to work, I didn’t think to look back to the west for what might be coming in. Not too long after I got to work? We were all called to gather into a [not] very secure storm shelter / aka conference room. There were no outside windows in my office so I was totally freaked out when I walked out to the lobby and saw that the sky was DARK GREEN!!!

Oh. My. God! We sat in the conference room nervously discussing the storm and some were probably praying, even me in my godless way. The GG was at my apartment (he was unemployed that summer, the only time in his LIFE that he was EVER unemployed) and I was worried about him. Nobody had cell phones back then, so I couldn’t text him and I can’t remember exactly when we did get telephonically connected but we finally did and everything was all right although I remember that he reported a wild ride over on Seventh St. It was okay, he *loves* derechos and tornadoes and things and he had fun!

I didn’t hear the term “derecho” until probably 25 years after the Green Storm. That term has been around for a long time and I think the Green Storm was labeled as a derecho way back then but that was before them thar tubes and who knew?

The derecho talk has settled down but there’s still talk of storms. My bet is *not* on a derecho. But we’ll see… And now it’s starting to rain…

Good night and please take shelter if you need to.

One Response to “Trying to keep up with myself…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Our 62 degrees with occasional sprinkles is quite tame. Ho hum. Stay safe, derecho or no.