Translating BAI codes in my head…

grandma-margaretIt’s amazing that I got home today without killing another living being. I mean, the drive home was pretty okay today and there were no near misses with other vee-hickles and I didn’t even feel road rage toward another driver. It was the pedestrians in my own business park… I was *not* going very fast (speed limit 25, that’s 4th gear in my Ninja) but I had to SLAM ON THE BRAKES because Mr. and Mrs. GOOSE decided to shepherd their tweens across the road right smack in front of me. I waited for them to pass and snaked around to the right before the NEXT family in the flock could get to the street. Whew! And then! What is that? It looked like a fat squirrel. Oh yeah. Baby groundhog. I didn’t hit any aminals today. I have hit one or two in my life, both a loooong time ago and I still feel awful. Somebody else managed to hit and kill a skunk out on S. State Street. Thank you for that…

One of the prodjects I’m doing at work right now is a tool to compare two data files that are supposed to have the same fields and values and point out differences in them. This is the second of these tools that I have designed and I like this kind of work. I have been designing data files since I was eight years old. At that age, my data files were written in pen on lined notebook paper. Column 1: quantity. Column 2: item. Example: 5 bobby pins. Yes, I am a nerd. Bear with me…

I didn’t design the data files I’m dealing with at work but for reasons you don’t care about or even want to know, I am getting to be the go-to gal for designing file compare tools. And yes, these tools are better designed in-house, at least in my business…

One of the first things we have to check for when comparing two files is whether each file is a real [insert-file-type-here]? If it is not, we abandon the file compare process and spit out a nasty error message. Our way of explaining this to everyone else is to say something like, “If one of the files is a picture of your grandmother, the tool will abandon the comparison and spit out an ugly error message.”

This is a pic of my grandmother. I think she is beautiful. I think I will include this photo in my spec (my supervisor is encouraging this). A picture of Froggy would also work in this context but I know that everyone I work with will ooh and aah about this beautiful grandmother woman. I remember once when I was projecting in a meeting and we were waiting for I dunno what and Mouse had sent me a bunch of beautiful photos of my aunt Radical Betty (my Grandma’s daughter) so I projected those while we were waiting. Everyone in the room oohed and aahed about my beautiful aunt.

I think they will do the same when they see my grandmother.

3 Responses to “Translating BAI codes in my head…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The project went over my head a bit, but gma is beautiful. I love, love, love her hair!!

  2. Pooh Says:

    I love the picture, not just b/c she’s my grandma too, but because she’s out picking berries. MMMM!

    I bought some (NOT cheap) photo transfer stuff that lets you print pictures onto cloth for my current secret project. I’m going to borrow this picture and use it for a future project with this paper/cloth combo.

  3. jane Says:

    great pic! and she looks just the way I remember her. 😉