While you were at the zlske…

cat1…I was here at the Landfill playing with this cute little kitty. Not really. I spent the whole day over in Megalopolis and this character was here to greet me when I returned. He/she/whatever does have a collar.

It took quite some doing to *get* to Megalopolis today because I696 was CLOSED between I275 and Telegraph Road. I did not have a clue. I was on I275 and there were signs indicating some kind of a detour but I could not for the life of me decipher them so I bailed out off the dern freeway and spent quite some time navigating around between the GPS and google maps on my phone. The GPS (of course) kept telling me to go back to the FREEWAY. FREEWAY CLOSED! HELLO!!! Google maps at least gave me a bit more perspective about where I *was* but I had to get *off* the road and *park* to look at it! Alas, I can drive a damn stick shift with aplomb but I am not coordinated enough to drive a stick shift and simultaneously use a TELEPHONE or do anything more than the absolute basic stuff on a GPS. At one point I was actually on 10 Mile Road. “That’s great!”, I thought, “I’ll just go east until I get to Telegraph.” Not. Somehow 10 Mile morphed into Grand River without my knowledge and I have a VERY foggy memory of Grand River being near Grandaddy and Bolette’s old house in DayTwa. I knew I was heading in the wrong direction… I eventually got down to the D today but my immediate goal was Ferndale. And I eventually got there…

cat2What was I doing over in Megalopolis today? Well, I was putting my bubble-wrapping skills to work big-time, that’s what. We went out to obtain some banker’s boxes and bubble-wrap. I grabbed one roll of bubble-wrap, then I made a snap decision to grab another. How many boxes do you need? Oh, three or four. The Office Max guy said, “they’re cheaper if you buy a 10-pack.” KW the spendthrift wouldda paid the larger price for fewer boxes but we ended up getting the 10 pack.

Guess what? We used *all* of the bubble-wrap. We used all but *two* of the boxes. I had forgotten how many dishes The Commander had in her Dillon house set of china. I should know. I bubble-wrapped them all last summer so we could schlep them down to Ferndale. I am foggy about that period of time though. I bubble-wrapped a lot of other stuff too. I kept running out of bubble-wrap. And BOXES!!! What a scramble. Today we were at Office Max and somehow, the reptilian part of my brain remembered all of that if my cerebrum did not. Oh, and then there was the toilet paper adventure. We traversed an entire Tarjay store today looking for TP and couldn’t find it *until* I saw a family heading toward us with a cart full of TP. THAT WAY!!! p.s. I think TP should be right by the front door!

Anyway, we did some packing and we went out to lunch (pizza with figs and gorgonzola? yes! and I’m not even sure the waitress charged me for my second glass of house red) and moved some things. It was hot and sticky today and the “kid” has another week or whatever to finish moving and she has some comrades to help her with the big stuff. She doesn’t want her moldy old parents to be bothered with the big stuff and that’s really okay with me, although we are really not “too old” [grin]. I was glad to be included in this move and I think I was actually useful without being intrusive and I loved seeing her new place.

One Response to “While you were at the zlske…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I always get lost on detours. Always. If I see one, I get very nervous for that reason. That pizza sounds delicious. I’m past the age where I want to carry heavy stuff around, but I love organizing and bossing people around. 🙂