dropletsOh, nothing really bad at all. Just I’m trying to work and take care of little bits of bizness and get ready to head to the Great Not-So-White North for a week. Oh, don’t be too envious. I will get a wee bit of vacay but I will also be telecommuting part of the week (not to mention de-Dillon-izing the garage…). The Queen Spider Bee (hee hee hee) has decreed that telecommuting will be A-okay. I hope my VPN account is still active. The last time I telecommuted was back in March when I had The Crud. If it’s not active, I guess I’ll be I/M-ing with tech support Monday morning. Good times.

Why oh why oh why (oh why oh why (oh why oh why)) did I not put gasoline into the Ninja on Sunday. No, I did not run outta gas today, I had four little squares left. I just like to get gasonline on the weekend — preferably early in the morning when nobody else is oot and aboot. I didn’t do that last weekend. I had about 10 squares then but I drove over to megalopolis and back and even though I was down at something like 7 squares by then, I did not get gas. Finally, today, I went out of my way [sort of] to get gas on the way home after work.

I fumbled a bit, opening the trunk instead of the gas thingy but I eventually got it all going and I was in the zen of pumping gas when I was surprised by a person asking me a question. What question? Was there something wrong with my credit card? What? Oh no, it was, “Do you wash your car regularly?” Well, duh. Can you not see the damn redwing blackbird *poop*? What? Everyone else in the universe can! Turned out there was some speshul promotion going on there today and he had a spray can of some kind of spray “wax” that would, well, I dunno what it would do, but I am reasonably certain that it *wouldn’t* keep my redwing blackbird buddy from pooping on my vee-hickle. I’m sure that this nice young man is just trying to make a living but…

P.S. to people who have to approach “customers” to sell them “stuff”, sneaking up on a customer and then saying, “I didn’t mean to scare you” is NOT a good start! When I am pumping gas, I am pumping gas and I do *not* want to talk to anyone.

Eventually, I got home and *then* I walked over to the Plum. And was given an award! Speediest checkout of the day! I got in to a very short line and dumped my 10 (or whatever) items on the counter. The folks ahead of me used an expired credit card. Yikes… This is gonna be a mess. It wasn’t. They found another (and were very embarrassed). Whew! I hate when I’m behind people who buy grokkeries they aren’t prepared to pay for! Makes me nuts. And here on The Planet (especially at the Plum Market), it is rare that it’s someone who can’t *afford* their grokkeries. If I ever find myself behind someone who truly cannot afford to pay for their grokkeries, I think I *might* pay for them… Oh, don’t worry, you guys (aka the GG) I have never encountered that situation.

Anyway, I shoved everything into my backpack as fast as my young cashier checked it through and, at the end, I received his award. I did that kind of work once back in the Jurassic Age. I loved that job except when I had difficult customers. Cashiers don’t get paid anywhere near what they deserve to be paid and I always appreciate a cashier who is efficient and knows all of the speshul codes by heart (like I did back in the day) and can get people through their line quick as a wink. I try my best not to be a difficult customer. This guy was a good cashier and he seemed to seemed to appreciate me as a customer. I bet he had a hard day.

5 Responses to “Blerg…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Cashiers do have a thankless job. I usually get stuck behind people who can’t use their debit or have 100 coupons. I always let people with just a few items go ahead of me, but it’s apparently not common practice for some folks. 🙂

  2. jane Says:

    Hey Banana — I’m going up on Saturday, unless I lose my mind and decide to drive up Friday after work. In which case — I might borrow water from your cabin until I’m up and running? Pooh and Le Marquis are also going up Saturday. That said, I have NOT received a spreadsheet of ANY kind yet. 😉

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Jane, yes. Tried to email but my email seems wonky this AM & it wouldn’t go thru.

  4. Tonya Says:

    Check-writers make me seethe when I’m behind them in the checkout line. Grrr! Or people who wait until it’s Really Time To Pay Right Now before they Oh! Dig through their purse, finally find the wallet, and then fumble through coinage, counting out nickels, dimes, and PENNIES along with the wadded up dollars. I always stop at the store on my way home from work and by that time I am so bone-weary and frazzled and want to be HOME, that I have lost all my patience.

  5. Marquis Says:

    @Jane – We just figured that you didn’t have Windows Office 2013 yet.