Sweat and dirt but no cat herding.

benchGG and KW launch 8-ish for Tahquamenon Lower Falls. Regenaxe Plus launch a while later. GG and KW arrive at Lower Falls and commence hiking to the Upper Falls. Regenaxe Plus arrive at Paradise. Regenaxe gets dumped off at Paradise and commences to bike to the Lower Falls and then the Upper Falls. Plus (Regenaxe’s son aka my first cousin once removed) continues to the Lower Falls and commences hiking to the Upper Falls. GG and KW arrive at the Upper Falls brewery ca. 11:20. Miraculously (or maybe not), Regenaxe is waiting for them. Plus eventually arrives having taken a couple of unplanned detours. Lunch (with beer and whine) is eaten. Regenaxe views the Upper Falls, then bikes back to the Lower. GG, KW, and Plus hike back down to the Lower Falls. Everyone meets up at the Lower Falls. GG and KW head home. Regenaxe Plus head home via the QUILT SHOP!!! (KW, being in a deacquistional mode, passes on the quilt shop.)

No cat herding! Usually these complicated trips require a lot of cat herding. Cat herding drives KW nuts, even though she functions as a cat a lot of the time, like at work, and therefore really shouldn’t complain.

KW is hot and sweaty and her feet are filthy. She washes her feet and cute little red Chacos in Gitchee Gumee, then washes her clothing and body in same. Not even Gitchee Gumee can clean KW’s feet to her satisfaction, so she washes them *again* in the tub with soap and everything. They still have black smudges on them.

Fact: Paradise to Lower Falls: 12 miles.

Fact: Lower Falls to Upper Falls: 4.5 miles with lots of up and down and roots to trip on, at least if you are walking the North Country Trail.

Fact: 86 degrees. KW: Say what? No wonder I was so frickin’ hot and sweaty.

Fact: Gitchee Gumee is a great place to cool off.

Good night,

P.S. wish I could do that hike *every* day!

One Response to “Sweat and dirt but no cat herding.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Besides the ultra dirty feet, it sounds like a great day with fun activities. I would pass on the quilt shop too!!