In which we travel to Pompeii and return safely

pontoonwakeKa-whomp! Back on The Planet Ann Arbor again. Slept in the Lyme Lounge last night and got an early start this AM. Dropped the Lyme Lounge off at the Uncly Uncle’s house in Gaylord, then hit up the folks at HL for a pontoon boat ride. No, we did *not* stop off at the tiki bar. Some of us had the grueling half of the trip still to travel.

Returning to The Group Home from our boat ride, we faced a decision: I75 SUV Speedway or the usually tamer Lansing route. Checking Google maps on my iPhone, I saw several sizable stretches of red (if you don’t happen to be a smart phone user, that means traffic is at a dead stop) on the speedway, including a loooonnng stretch above the infamous Zilwaukee Bridge. The Lansing route had some yellow stretches but was otherwise green, so we chose that option. We did experience a few slowdowns on that route but as luck (and an alert navigator with an iPhone) would have it, we managed to detour around the two worst. All in all, it was a pretty smooth ride and so much fun paralleling the freeway on a decent old two-lane highway when *you* are moving and everyone on the freeway is stopped. (What did we ever do without A/C in our vee-hickles? (What did we ever do without smart phones?))

Things are looking pretty darn good down here at The Landfill. Mouse’s (and even KW’s) gardens are looking pretty good. KW’s plants are still alive, even a bit of dahlia activity. Mouse has poppy flowers and her tomatoes are threatening to turn into Great Green Turkey Creek monsters!

P. S. I saw exactly *one* tick all week. It was a dead one in the Frog Hopper, left over from Mouse & the GG’s trip to Minnesota to pick up the Lyme Lounge. They saw many ticks there. No one seems to have Lyme, although there were some suspicions early last week. I now suspect black flies, which they also encountered. (Hey, black fly bites make *me* feverish for a couple days!)

Back to work tomorrow. G’night. KW

One Response to “In which we travel to Pompeii and return safely”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad that all the plants are doing so well!! Mine too!