Hoping I am on a roll here…

First of all, goooooood morning from my walk down to the farmer’s market.


When I randomly ran into the fifth person-I-don’t-usually-see today, I was kind of wondering what was up. Lemme see… First was a sighting of the C-B grandparents at the farmer’s market. I didn’t flag them down. They looked great but I wasn’t sure they’d recognize me. Then there was S&P. I *vigorously* flagged them down. S and I were comrades in the unsuccessful fight to keep the school board from dismantling our fave alternative middle school, oh so many years ago. We’ve been friends since then and although she occasionally meets up with MMCB and I for coffee, I don’t see a whole heckuva lot of her. New grandparents, S&P. (First grandchild. Congratulations!) On the way up the hill toward home, an oncoming walker hailed us with, “You guys look like old Ann Arbor hippies!” EPA co-worker and old Haisley parent, he knows darn well we aren’t hippies but I cracked up. Ace-Barnes Hardware: “Kayak Woman!” She looked familiar but I didn’t recognize her out of context. Why not? Because the context was HIGH SCHOOL! I knew that she and her husband had moved down to the planet but I was still shocked to run into her, not to mention that she *recognized* me! Finally, I was at the Plum and again, someone yelled my name! Not a high school comrade this time, just another old Haisley parent. One that I used to sometimes “duck” [grin].

Lots of chores and errands today, household drudgery beginning at six AM when I threw the sheets and shower curtains into the washer and scrubbed out the refrigimatator drawers, leaving them to dry while we walked down to the farmer’s market. In the end I made a good dent in sorting out these two loverly boxes of sewing stuff that The Commander left behind and we pulled outta the moomincabin garage on the last trip up. That was all we could fit in the Frog Hopper that trip since we had garbage, recycling, and the GG’s camping stuff. It’s slow going but I am progressing.


It’s only two boxes but in a way these boxes were harder to sort out than some of the other stuff (but not as hard as the truly random stuff…). It’s *sewing* stuff. I cannot remember a time when The Commander didn’t do some kind of needlework and my earliest memories are of her humming along on the Singer my dad bought for her during their WWII sojourn in the southwest. What was left of her sewing stuff was somewhat disorganized and that was unlike The Comm. Except that I suspect she had already cleaned a lot of it out. Like some unfinished pajama prodjects, maybe. There was a time back when she was still emailing competently that she wrote to *both* Lizard Breath and I *several* times about making a pajama pattern out of some old pajamas. I didn’t find any hand-sewn pajamas either finished or in progress, so I suspect that during her years of diligent de-acquisitioning, she disposed of them herself. And probably a lot of other fabric and stuff.

Anyway, I did a final triage (?) on her sewing stuff today. I sorted out consumable stuff (thread, zippers, etc.) to be donated. I saved a bunch of things that either I or Mouse (or maybe even others) might want. I don’t need five seam rippers (I probably already own three) but I can’t quite let them go and they don’t take up a lot of space. And then there’s the tool box below. I doubt there’s anything in there that is truly valuable in the monetary sense. But at first glance, there’s some *old* stuff. Might at least be a *few* little treasures in there — ancient First National Bank measuring tape, anyone?


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  1. Margaret Says:

    I feel overwhelmed by my husband’s stuff but since I live in a fairly big house, I can ignore it until I’m ready. When will that be, I wonder? 🙁