Where doooya think the GG is going this weekend?

ggyearbookDo y’all pull out your old high school yearbooks to study up before a reunion? I do not. I have all four of them but I tend to use them when I need to remember how to spell Mr. Kiczenski’s name. Or Mr. Pfifer’s, who I can remember telling his 1972 12th grade honors English class (including meeeee) about the ignoramuses who misread his name as Mr. Piffer. Mr. Piffer. Mr. Piffer. He spat it out with mock disgust.

Anyway, that’s about the extent of what I use my old yearbooks for. Oh I may get a little distracted sometimes and re-read, for example, the horse-shit Bad Boyfriend wrote in my yearbook at the end of my freshman year. I wasn’t a popular kid so my yearbooks were *not* filled with hand-written stuff from friends. Lotsa space in there.

Tonight when I got down to the Oscar Tango, the GG was sitting there showing the waitresses pictures of himself (and the Uncly Uncle) with hair long enough to sit on and the female friend he used to know as [insert-male-name-here] and I dunno what else. I don’t bother studying this kind of stuff before a reunion. I just try to wing it — peer at name tags and struggle to connect faces with them and hope I don’t embarrass myself too much. Facebook does help somewhat. And then there are the people at *my* reunions who remember the GG, which is always just hilarious because he is a social enough person that he “remembers” them too. I suppose I’ll probably run into that sort of thing tomorrow night at *his* reunion. I’ll have to invent a persona or two…

And with that, since it has been such a cluster-fuck of a week, I am outta here. Yes, I used the f word. It’s okay, this week deserved it. It’s all good though, I grew a pair this week. Watch out for the new and improved KW who doesn’t put up with any crap. Or at least a lot less crap… G’night.

3 Responses to “Where doooya think the GG is going this weekend?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hope the reunion is full of good times and interesting stories! Glad to hear that you stood up to the crap and grew some cojones. 😉

  2. GG Says:

    Nope. No cojones. I checked.

  3. Tonya Says: