Does this confuse you? It confuses me…

macbridgeIt was a cat-herding kind of day but it was one o’ those cat-herding kinds of days that worked like clockwork.

Six people descended upon The Broken Egg restaurant for breakfast via four (out of five) vee-hickles and I do not want even want to begin to decipher the number of locations. Lemme see. Liz, the GG, and I all left from The Landfill. The GG drove down in a separate vee-hickle from Liz and me. Mouse drove from her apartment. npJane arrived with her 20-something nephew after picking him up from Metro. Somehow, we all actually got there within a reasonable window of time.

After breakfast, Stuff was exchanged. Nephew’s stuff went into the Frog Hopper. npJane and I exchanged a bag of bread and chocolate for an iron. Yes. npJane gets one of The Comm’s irons and I schlepped a bag of Bugs and Horsey’s fave bread and chocolate up to them. This particular exchange was hilarious for reasons I don’t think I will ever have words for. Kind of like the time I exchanged a rusty rake, shoe boxes, and empty film containers for a rotting green pepper and cucumber with my [beloved] parents-in-law.

Shuffling ensued… npJane drove Lizard back to The Landfill, where she retrieved her stuff and her vee-hickle and I assume, eventually made her way back to DayTwa. Mouse went her own way, eventually to work. The GG and our passenger (aka npJane’s nephew) took off in the Frog Hopper with me in the Ninja behind them.

We planned on picking up the Uncly Uncle at Hill Road and US23 and as we were traveling north, our overall plan evolved into me driving the UU from there to the rest area south of West Branch and then he would switch to the Frog Hopper and go with the GG to pick up the Lyme Lounge at Houghton Lake and get dropped off in Gaylord. But when I got to the Hill Road meeting place, the UU was kinda behind schedule. So, that mid-trip plan was scrapped mid-trip. I wanted to keep moving, so I picked up a passenger and left the GG to wait for his brother.

The rest of the trip was smooth and the 20-something added a lot to it. And this is one of the better photooos I have ever taken of the Big Mac Bridge. Not to mention that I literally pointed and shot with my phone without even looking at the screen.

2 Responses to “Does this confuse you? It confuses me…”

  1. Pooh Says:

    Thanks for bringing that 20-something with you!! (And, of course, the bread and chocolate!)

  2. Margaret Says:

    Love that photo! The trip sounds a little crazy, but fun. I miss being busy.