Dear Kayak Woman…

tomatoesPlease don’t forget to mail your property tax bill tomorrow. You know, the one for the Landfill, down there on The Planet Ann Arbor. You are at the moominbeach right now but you do actually remember your beloved Landfill too, roight? You wrote the check as soon as you got the bill and you put it on that ledge by the Landfill front door with a little post-it note attached to it: “Do NOT mail until July 31.” Um, KW, do you know where the tax bill is? You packed it, didn’t you? Is it in the big orange Whole Foods bag? Or is it that random bag of crap you threw together Sunday morning? Or is it in your backpack? I hope you can find it tomorrow morning before you do your first vacation busman’s holiday trip to town.

Hey ababsurdo troll, if I cannot find the damn tax bill, I can pay it online. I don’t normally like to do that. I am not sure why because I pay just about everything else online but there’s always something funky about paying the tax bill online. Something I don’t wanna do. I can’t remember what. But I think I’ll be able to find the damn tax bill and take it into town and mail it.

Mouse gave me permission to use the photooo, which was on her facebook page. This kind of thing is what’s going on in the Landfill backyard this year. This is amazing. And it is in the back yard of the place I need to remember to mail the property tax bill for tomorrow.

I am officially on vacation busman’s holiday as of something like 4:45 this afternoon. I couldn’t quite make it until 5:00. I think that’ll be okay. Cheers!

2 Responses to “Dear Kayak Woman…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You scared me with your talk of property tax which Patt always dealt with. However, ours is due in spring and fall, so WHEW. (and paid for all year in spring, so I’m good) I’ve got tons of tomatoes too–just wish they would ripen. We’re having lots of sun, so I don’t understand the problem!! They must be waiting for me to go back to school!!

  2. jane Says:

    check in with Harry to make sure he paid his tax bill too!

    on the tomato front. I think my harvest this year will total 4. ugh!