One more day of vacation. One more day of vacation. One more day of vaca-a-tion. And then it’s back to work.

darkcloudsSing it to the tune of “The Bear Went Over the Mountain”. Er, you dooooo know that tune, roight?

We were awful when we were kids. We would sing that song to my dad on the last day of his stinky little two-week vacation. The one he *always* spent here on the moominbeach. I still envy his life though because when he was *working*, he was living out here so every day of the summer, he had a 20 minute commute into town, so at least he could spend evenings out here. I will never forget when he would run down the path and off the bank and do a shallow dive into the shallow water here on the beach.

Alas, my last day of vacay will be spent schlepping down the I75 SUV Speedway. I’ll be in my cute little Ninja with my work laptop, all of my other crap, a few loads of The Commander’s stuff, garbage & recycling, and whatever perishable food the GG doesn’t want. And he probably doesn’t really want much. I suspect he will be a minimalist about meals for the rest of the week.

What did I do today (which was *really* my last day of vacay)?

As little as possible, of course. I did *not* go into town. I did sit on the beach and kayak and take the purple kayak out to sponge all of the sand and peanut shells (!) out of it and then I swam. And we ate a loverly grilled duck breast dinner out here on the deck and and and and…

The GG? It isn’t his last day but he was kind of wondering how he would spend his day. Wouldn’t you know, the neighborhood garter snake was slithering around the bank. It even made some rather shocking forays down to the beach. Watching that snake kept the GG busy for quite some time. I decided not to post any pics of the snake. Garter snakes are totally harmless and when I was a beach urchin I used to pick them up sometimes. I couldn’t be bothered now. But I know that snakes in general are kind of freaky and some of them are dangerous (not around here though) and people have not-unreasonable phobias about them. Since I have a few phobias of my own, including one regarding a living being MUCH less dangerous than any snake, I know better than to post photos.

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One Response to “One more day of vacation. One more day of vacation. One more day of vaca-a-tion. And then it’s back to work.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like snakes; we have garter snakes here too. I used to pick them up by the end and twirl them around, but I have no interest in doing that now. Vacation sounds like it’s been good!!