Go Team!

Somehow, in the midst of a transaction that I didn’t totally understand, I got appointed as the leader of the “no” team tonight and, since we (most of the class) won, we each got two points!

Which’ll offset the three points I lost by missing one question on the quiz. One o’ those good ol’ multiple choice questions that I *knew* I probably had wrong and almost changed it at the last minute but didn’t.

Y’know, somehow it was easier back in the day when you took a quiz on paper and passed it to your neighbor to correct. Nowadays, the quiz is in Blackboard (actually Moodle, in this case) and you hit a button that says something like “I’m done” and you are immediately hit in the face with your score. I don’t like to miss even one and I always feel like I’ve been punched when I get a less than perfect score. I dunno why.

Whaddy’all think? On-line quizzes or have your neighbor check your paper?

3 Responses to “Go Team!”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    I dunno…I always hated it when my neighbor made BIG-UGLY-MESSY marks on my paper (either the checks/OKs *or* the X’s), instead of Nice Neat marks. Or added scribbles that didn’t mean anything. Kinda ruined a good grade to get my paper back with all that extra gobbledy-gunk all over it… And I’ll admit to sometimes wondering if Someone might have it IN for me, and deliberately mark answers as “wrong” when they were actually “right” (don’t recall that happening, but it was always clouding the whole grading…).

  2. Sam Says:

    Moodle? Use in sentence, please…. Howze this: excuse me, I need to put this back in the fridge so my Moodle doesn’t melt? OR: drop back so you can catch the moodle and make the first down. No? Scenario: digging in the back of the closet… query: Where’s my darned Moodle? I know I had it last spring! How ’bout: Moodle, Moodle everywhere, and not a drop to drink!
    Moodle, pronounced slowly and with the intonation of a Shakespearean actor, reminds me of the girdle discussion initiated long ago by Radical Betty, which involved frequent repetition of that word amidst gales of laughter at its audio-weirdness when removed from context….

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Moodle is a course management web tool, a lot like Blackboard. Those who haven’t taken a recent class at the undergraduate level are probably not familiar with it. Or maybe some of them are, I dunno. I’m gonna guess that those at the level of education that Sam has attained (phd) aren’t dealing with weekly quizzes and the like and probably don’t need to check the prof’s class schedule for their homework assignments. 🙂

    I don’t remember fretting over messy marks on my papers or worrying about people sabotaging my grade. Actually, I went through a phase in junior high through early high school of “cheating” on tests, etc., to get lower grades. How stoopid can you get? I was a pretty good grade freak in later high school and college, although in college I got a couple of “protest” Cs, i.e., “That professor sucks and/or he’s hitting on me and creeping me out too much to do my work.” Nowadays I am a *freak* about grades and don’t care if the prof sucks. And in my program at WCC, they definitely don’t. If I got one that did, I would just get above him/her.

    And, actually, I know that having other kids correct quizzes, etc., at least at the college level, is a thing of the past. Last night, one student left a few minutes before the previous week’s graded homework was handed out. Another student said, “I’ll see him in the morning, I’ll give it to him.” But that is against the rules, unless all parties have previously agreed, I guess. Privacy issues. And in one coding class I took, the teacher said that he had had to *flunk* two people in the previous class for copying. It was a hard class, but.