plantstuffIt really should be what they call “high summer” but when you are hanging about in a suburban area, albeit a kinda planet-ey one, it feels like things are gearing up. Umich students are not scheduled to move in to dorms until Sunday or later and the public schools don’t start until after Labor Day (by state law) but all of a sudden the area is clogged with traffic. Hey, I’m just trying to get to work and back, y’all. If you are driving during rush hour and it’s not snowing to beat the band (and it was NOT today), please at least go somewhere approaching the speed limit and not 10 mph below it.

My job is a wee bit slow right now. It happens and you never know, I could get dragged into all kinds of mayhem tomorrow. Today I mostly wrote help pages. Zzzzzzzz… Until Louie-Loui-i-i bugged me at the end of the day about a picture (of a word table) that he needed to paste into his spreadsheet. He is (admittedly) not a Spreadsheet Queen and we went several rounds before I finally managed to get him a picture he could use. I’m a Spreadsheet Queen and I’d’ve prob’ly done something different with his spreadsheet than he did but I like to help folks with technology tools when I can and I was bored with help pages… When I first got this loverly job, I had a hard time with the slow periods. Now I know how to deal with them and that they can be a GOOD thing. Building a bit of slack into the overall schedule is a good thing for our stodgy old industry. We make fewer mistakes. Usually.

Anyway, some people may be looking toward fall but I am just wishing that time would slow down a bit. I have not heard the umich marching band yet. I can hear it over here at The Landfill, which is probably more than two miles away from Elbel and the Big House but we are at a high point in town. When I was a kid running around like a wild Indian on the moominbeach all summer, in August, I was living in the moment and even though school was looming on the horizon, I squeezed as much fun as I could out of summer (except when I was booooorrrrred, of course). When Labor Day rolled around, I was happy to pack all of my stuff back into my bushel basket and ensconce myself in my small but loverly bedroom, organizing everything for a new school year — one that I looked forward to. Until we spent the first month *reviewing* all the stuff we learned the last year… Sigh.

Oh hey, dropping back in to say that I am now following the Umich Marching Band on none other than Twitter! Their season begins today!

One Response to “Enuuuuuiiiii”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I am torn about fall–part of me wants to get into more of a routine, but I’ll dislike those gray days we have in fall/winter. I don’t do much with review, very brief and mainly in game format. 🙂