The bacon was from the store

kwbeachMy Mouse and I drove “up north” today. I think we experienced just about every little bit of weather that the Great Lake State could throw at us in late August. Except for tornadoes. We did not (thank you god) see one blasted funnel cloud (unlike a trip I took earlier this summer).

Driving rain storms where you can barely see what the heck is ahead of you, not to mention the lane markers on the highway? Yes. And then there was our loverly grokkery stop at Glen’s Family Fare in the thriving metropolis of Gaylord. The store was more than fine. But the jaffic tram we encountered getting back to the I75 SUV freeway was epic. We were almost to the freeway and I noticed that traffic was at a dead stop *on* the freeway. Mouse was driving and we were just before a side street and I had an epiphany! Old US27!!!! We made a snap decision to hang a right and zig-zagged our way north and east through Gaylord to Old 27. I texted a wave to the Uncly Uncle as we passed his place of work and we were on our way. Got back on the freeway at Vanderbilt and it was clear sailing from there.

So, when we arrived at the moominbeach it was sunny and we could see an upbound freighter out there. We took a beach walk. Fog rolled in. The sun came out again. The wind came up and down and shifted this way and that. I spent the whole week tripping over the clean laundry (towels and whatnot) that I planned to haul up here this weekend. I forgot that stuff. I do not know how. I was distracted by our tomato picking forays into Mouse’s Garden this morning. It’s okay, There are plenty of towels here. For my Beach Towel, I decided I would use one of Radical Betty’s old beach towels. Uber Kayak Woman left it here in the moomincabin on one of her junkets back to the Great Lake State. So it would be here whenever she wanted to come back. I’m using it for the duration.

3 Responses to “The bacon was from the store”

  1. Sam Says:

    Aha. I know that stretch at Gaylord. And so short. We’ve taken the old-road option ourselves, but most recently southbound. Happiest of Gitchee time (jealous)….

  2. Pooh Says:

    Wish I was there! Wish I was anywhere the weather was changing, instead of unrelentingly h-o-t!

  3. Margaret Says:

    I like your creativity to avoid traffic. It hits a nerve since I couldn’t do that this week and ended up turning a 2 hour drive into a 4 hour one.