Twin sons of different the same mothers

twinkayakersOh hi, it’s me yer fav-o-rite blahgger iPhoneographer playing with the Hipstamatic Salvador 84 lens again. Aren’t I cool [not]?

Of course, this photoooo does not reflect reality [get the pun? hee hee hee] but it’s kind of cool anyway because if we owned a second purple Walden Vista, we could’ve staged a real photooo very much like this, minus the weird stuff the island and Canada are doing out there. We would need the Uncly Uncle, of course. Because y’all know — or do you? — that the GG is an identical twin, roight? They were numbers five and six out of ten and I believe the GG is something like 10 minutes older than the UU. I also believe that twins were not exactly expected, at least not until an x-ray showed something a little different in the late stages of Grandma Sally’s pregnancy. But I could be wrong about that so somebody correct me.

Things were a lot different back then and even when I had my first child in 1984. I didn’t even have an ultrasound with Lizard Breath. Having an ultrasound at that time entailed a lot of expensive guzzinto and there didn’t seem to be a reason for one and so I didn’t have one and guess what? Liz was *perfect*! I did have one for Mouse, even though I don’t think one was necessary (long story). I won’t go into TMI about that except to say that it reassured me that I was growing a *baby* and not an alien and boy was it a relief to pee when it was over. That is all and we will not revisit that subject, thank you very much.

The night of my wedding rehearsal, the GG’s aunt Gale (like the “wind”, as she would say) confided in me that the twins were holy terrors as children. I had already kind of guessed that, given some of the antics they have been known to get up to. It’s kind of hard to describe them. I was gonna say that they are not rule followers but that’s not exactly correct because you can’t totally disregard laws and also be successful, upstanding citizens. Maybe I should say they try to spurn the unnecessary and ridiculous rules that overly officious would-be “authorities” try to put in place? Hem hem, maybe they’re kind of like Fred and George Weasley if you’ve read the Harry Potter books. Dolores Umbridge, anyone? Hem hem…

Twin Sons of Different Mothers. Dan Fogelberg (who The Engineer liked if I remember accurately) and Tim Weisberg. A blast from the past. This YouTube video is five minutes and probably has an ad at the beginning but if you can deal with the ad, just listen to a few seconds of it. I own that album (or maybe I used to, I gifted my old albums to Lizard Breath a while back and she took about half and I don’t even know what’s left). I like that album (I am or was once a flute player) but I don’t want it back here in The Deacquisitioning Center, aka The Landfill.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I love(d) Dan Fogelberg!! My husband was a bit like that–spurning what he considered unnecessary rules. I had one ultrasound with Ashley because they weren’t sure of her due date and none with Alison.