“Greetings from the North Shore. Vote for Obama.”

WARNING! DO NOT click on the picture!!!! There is a slide show. It might be disturbing to some people. I am not kidding. Read the entry and make an informed decision. To click or not to click. Y’all’ve been warned. Dun dun dun.

A few weeks ago the Twinz of Terror were spending the weekend at Houghton Lake with some other members of the gigantic Courtois family. It was a beautiful, warm Sunday morning and our teenaged niece got up, grabbed a book and headed down by the seawall. As she was about to settle in for a nice, lazy read in a comfortable hammock, something floating a few feet out in the water caught her eye. A dead deer!!!

Nobody knows when or how the deer died or when or how it ended up in the water. But life is never dull and the Twinz of Terror and various other siblings, in-laws, nieces, seventh cousins five times removed, and visitors from the planet Zephron III swung into action. Or discussion, at least. What do you do when you find a large, dead aminal on your property. Now, up on Fin Family Moominbeach, things float up on the beach with quite some regularity. Mostly seagulls and fish but once when I was a kid a dead dog floated in. It was there for a good portion of the summer. I’m not sure why nobody removed it. But our beach is pretty sparsely populated even at the height of summer and I guess it wasn’t really bothering anyone. So there it stayed. Houghton Lake, on the other hand, is chock-a-block with homes and cabins and it seemed as though “something” ought to be done to remove the deer. And figuring out “what” would provide quite a bit of entertainment.

The brilliant idea that the Twinz of Terror came up with was to write “Greetings from the North Shore. Vote for Obama” on a float, attach it to the deer and tow the deer out to sea. Or into the middle of Houghton Lake. I don’t totally understand the “Vote for Obama” part. I don’t know for sure, but I have a suspicion that members of the esteemed Courtois family will not all vote for the same candidate. So I’m not sure what the message exactly meant and only the Twinz know for sure but I know it was a joke and, in the end, the plan failed. Why did it fail? Because the deer floated back into shore, a few cabins down the point. ba-da-bump.

Meanwhile…. I forget whether it was the Beautiful Gay or the Beautiful Becky but one of my beloved sisters-in-law had done the *responsible* thing and called the DNR and a DNR person showed up and removed the deer from the lake. They were gonna cut off its head (there is NO picture of that in the slideshow, y’all) and send it in for testing. Apparently one of the diseases that deer are contracting here in the Great Lake State causes them to get feverish and then throw themselves into the nearest body of water to try to cool down. And then they die or drown, whichever comes first. Not fun and to date, we have not heard anything about “our” deer.

And, no, this is not a political post. Please vote tomorrow. I won’t try to influence who you vote for, although I have my preference. But that’s not what my blahg is about. Usually. I am guessing I will be doing some sort of ranting about the voting process tomorrow. I plan on arriving at the polls before they open. I have to work and there has got to be a better way.

Okay. If you dare, you can click here or on the picture to see today’s slide show. Love y’all and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

One Response to ““Greetings from the North Shore. Vote for Obama.””

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    Perhaps the Twinz of Terrors’ thought processes went from dead deer in lake to Gov Palin and her passion for shooting aminals? Hence the “Vote Obama” slogan?