Blast from the [beloved] past…

sewertruckFirst things first. If you try to leave a comment and get a long nasty indecipherable error message about server connections or misconfigurations, it is not your fault and I am not banning anyone. I’m pretty sure that my blahg is boring enough that most would-be flamers head over to some Tea Party site or whatever. I have never banned anyone although I have been known to delete the occasional comment that provides family information that I don’t want on the Internet.

So, my host server has been wonky this week. Kinda like a “persistent cough” says The Guru and I am being patient because I know he is on it!

Anyway, I was hanging out here in the Landfill Chitchen and it was really hot today and thunderstorms were threatening and I reeaaally wanted those thunderstorms to roll through because it’s hot. But I’m also trying to enjoy the heat because all too soon we’ll turn into the land of the ice and snow.

Just as the storm was starting to roll in this afternoon, my phone rang. It was a NY number so I actually declined it. I do not answer calls from numbers I do not know unless they are in the 906 area code, aka the Yooperland. Usually those are business calls, since I am still in the throes of closing out my parents’ estates.

Well, this person would not be declined. He actually left a voice mail message. I listened to the message as far as, “This is Dan S…” Yiiiiy!!! I immediately hit “return call” and spent the next 20 minutes or so talking to one of my fav-o-rite moominbeach childhood buddies. For years when we were kids, he and his family would park their VW Bus and pop-up trailer in the “trailer spot” and for a couple weeks a family of seven would share space with us at the moomincabin and associated outhouse. We had so much fun!

I told Dan that I have occasionally searched for him on the internet but not seriously enough to be successful. I hope he doesn’t think that’s creepy. His parents were best of friends with my parents and he was a wonderful friend of mine. In the end, he asked his mom for my number and she had it.

And so a particularly slodgy day took a sharp upturn! When the GG arrived home from work I was on the phone and I wrote my friend’s name on a post-it note. When I flashed that at the GG, he got it.

One Response to “Blast from the [beloved] past…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s wonderful that such a small and unexpected thing (like a phone call) can bring such happiness. I’m glad you got to talk to him! I love random events like that. I’m glad you didn’t delete me. 😉