Takin’ care o’ bizness

spiderOh, you don’t wanna know. It’s amazing to me what I can get done when I actually put my mind to something. And, in this case, the Ninja played a large role. Yes, I am taaarrrred of making multiple rush-hour forays into the northwest shopping centers on The Planet Ann Arbor in a vee-hickle with a 6-speed manual tranny. 1st to 2nd to maybe 3rd and occasionally 4th. Actually, I rarely have to go into 1st in that vee-hickle unless I have come to a complete stop. I even made an actual PHONE CALL today. To a business. I talked to Mr. Singh and, when I arrived at his place of bizness, he asked if I was the person who called him a while before. Yes, yes, yes! I suppose he was having some difficulty reconciling the baggy old Ann Arbor hippie in the tie-dyed tshirt and hiking skirt with the voice he heard on the phone. Maybe he was expecting someone dressed in more tasteful clothing. And I was dressed that way at work today but I needed to wear some action clothing to get today’s bizness done.

I wore tights to work today. It seems early for that but it was chilly enough this morning that I wore long pants, polartech jacket, socks, and glubs on my 0-skunk-30 walk. It was okay. Wearing tights allowed me to wear the cute little light blue skirt I bought over the summer. I showed it to Lizard Breath back in July and she wanted me to model it but I hadn’t actually tried it on yet so I refused. It turns out that it is very cute. But I have to wear either tights or bare legs with it. And I don’t do well with bare legs all day at work most days (I wear Leggs knee-highs in the summer). In that air-conditioned climate, my feet get all dried out and and and. That was TMI.

BTW: For the life of me, I can never figure out why people think that a woman (or a man) shouldn’t wear a damn skirt if she (or he) prefers such attire. Although I do wear pants, I have pretty much always have been more comfortable in a skirt and I ROCK skirts and I looovvve that various folks are designing hiking skirts! I am waaayyy out on a tangent and so I will try to quit while I am ahead (?).

2 Responses to “Takin’ care o’ bizness”

  1. Bill Courtois Says:

    Yes. Today was a better day for Anne. I am absolutely positive she wore panties yesterday – they were in a bunch!!!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Skirts are fine, no worries here. I live in shorts in the summer and then sweatpants in the winter–when I’m not at work. 🙂