JungleP Guide (read at your own risk)

I have been peeing in and around the woods (and occasionally in discrete places in the back yard or wherever) all my life. Of course, if there is a clean bathroom or even outhouse in the vicinity, I will use that but I am not afraid to water the outdoors. I have never peed the bus stop. Once when Duck and Radical Betty lived in England and the Mean Old Grunchie Old Grinchie was a baby, Radical Betty had to go badly enough that Duck stopped the car and she got out and started to pee… And then the bus came along… And she couldn’t stop… Radical Betty was still laughing about that a gazillion years later.

I pee in Gitchee Gumee too. Certain people (RB included) always said that they could not pee in Gitchee Gumee. That’s because when they were kids back in the days of playing Rum Runner and Coast Guard on the moominbeach, they had WOOL bathing suits! Can you imagine wearing a wool bathing suit? If you peed through a wool bathing suit, the crotch would rot out. When I was a kid, we were beyond wool bathing suits but I think we were still told not to pee in Gitchee Gumee. Well, why not? Eeeeet eeeez a beeeeeeg lake and we have a huge beach and a leeetle beeet o’ peeee once in a while probably doesn’t do any harm.

I had no idea that when you peed outdoors you were adding nitrogen to the soil until I visited Uber Kayak Woman’s gorgeous place out on Lopez and used her outhouse. Yes, she has an outhouse. Her outhouse has a picture window. And a composting toilet along with instructions for using that beastie. Those instructions invite folks to do number 1 (if that’s what they have to do) right out in the yard if they so desire. We won’t talk about number 2 except that it involves a bit more scooping than number 1 and people are not invited to do that in the yard. It works though. The outhouse that is. And it does not stink.

Anyway, tonight I urban peed at the edge of the woods in a park on the way home. I posted it on facebook. What the heck… I do have a better filter than that but we were having so much fun tonight (and I didn’t post a photoooo, fer kee-reist). We did the usual Oscar Tango thing (although we were not Porterized tonight) and then we decided to actually walk up to the Red Hawk for a nightcap. And we did and I couldda made it all the way home without urbanP but what the heck. It was dark and we were in the woods and, well, why not?

Love y’all,
Kayak Woman, JungleP-er from way back

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  1. gene Says:

    I don’t know whether anything ever got into this about Betty”s experience at the Pacific Ocean with her social work buddies. She was going up from the beach when someone asked her where. When she said she had to pee, her buddy said Whoa, This is the Pacific Ocean! A little pee will not be noticed.