I have been trying all weekend to make the weather warm but it is just not

lakeerieWell okay, Friday night it was warm. And rainy. And beautiful. We walked home from downtown in a very light rain. So light that I didn’t even put up my umbrella, even when the GG solicitously suggested I might need to do that. Hey buddy, I love you but *I* will decide when I need to put up a damn bumbershoot. As it turned out, I got a bit damp but it was a very light warm, comfortable damp and it wasn’t until after we got home that the skies opened up big-time. Of course, the next morning, I put on that still somewhat damp tie-dyed t-shirt to walk down to the farmer’s market. It was a kind of a hmmm… moment but then, if you grew up on the moominbeach, you ran around in a bathing suit all day and you got accustomed to that damp feeling. I knew my shirt would dry out and it did.

So, it was still warm and a bit humid walking down to the market yesterday but later on a wind came up and although I wouldn’t call yesterday cold, I wasn’t exactly feeling overheated.

Today we dragged ourselves out of bed early enough to make the 45-minute drive to Lake Erie Metropark in time to see the sunrise. This weekend was Hawkfest (google it) and we did our usual thing by getting there before the sun rose and then walking a few miles before the pancake breakfast. Except. Today, we arrived at the usual pancake breakfast venue, only to find that NO ONE WAS THERE!! What the heck? We checked the web just last night and it said pancake breakfast at nine. The GG called the number and someone confirmed that the breakfast was canceled. CANCELED. Whut? It was canceled? Yes. CANCELED. We regrouped and drove up into the beautiful little city of Gibraltar where we had a loverly and friendly breakfast at the Gibraltar Grill. Then back to Hawkfest where I did yet more hiking aaaannndddd finally home.

Alas, sunny and beautiful out today but I’m not sure the temperatures ever got out of the 50s. And there was a wind. Not very warm unless you were walking. I tried to pretend it was warm out but eventually, I put on a silk-wool turtleneck and a polartech jacket and smartwool socks and I was not quite thinking about glubs but almost. But we were burning stuff in the back yard so that faaaarrrr warmed us up at least a little bit.


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  1. Margaret Says:

    I love the word bumbershoot! We have a popular festival in Seattle on Labor day that goes by that name. 😉 Yesterday was beautiful but the nights are dropping into the 40s(brrr) and today it was high 50s. Summer is gone.