Glampin’ with them thar tubes in the wild and woolly great not-very-white north

I was of two minds Friday afternoon. I reeeeallly didn’t want to leave the moomincabin! This shot is early-ish in the morning when it was still overcast and I was just getting back from a beach walk and the GG was making breakfast and he had every damn light in the place on but it was okay somehow and I love how it lights up the cabin. He is getting good at breakfast (heck, he always was and I just forgot) but that’d be a whole ‘nother blahg entry. That cute little black beastie is my loverly little Ninja, who served me very well on this weekend’s 800 (?) mile trip. The Ninja is kind of a photo bomber in this pic but I decided to just take the photoooo without moving her to the back forty (aka behind the gaaaarage). It seems like I am forever looking for photooos of old vee-hickles so more photooos are better… Anyway, I saved her life (aka mine, perhaps [wink]) this afternoon when, after a pretty smooth trip down from the Yooperland, traffic got really squirrelly a few miles north of The Planet and I decided that I had HAD IT and bailed out onto the North Territorial exit to take dirt roads the rest of the way home. I’m sure it wasn’t faster but we were within a few miles of home at that point and Ninja and I are alive and well. (And *that* decision allowed me to stop and answer a text from Lizard Breath who has reached the age of making sure that her parents are where they are expected to be when they are expected to be there. I remember that age…)


So I didn’t really want to leave the moominbeach but at the same time, I was kind of excited about taking the Lyme Lounge on a glamping adventure over to the Tahquamenon area and hiking with our North Country Trail friends on Saturday. And so we are off. I will not go into detail about why we drove separate vee-hickles this weekend. That was NOT the original plan but it *was* helpful to have the Ninja because she hauled quite a bit of stuff down from the moomincabin garage today that wouldn’t have fit into the Frog Hopper with all the camping gear.


We did not expect to have any reasonable kind of internet service for the weekend. The last time I was near Tahquamenon Falls or Paradise was July 5 and we were looking for any kind of signal so we could text the Marquis, who was about a half hour behind us or so. We finally found the Edge or something for about 400 feet and I can’t remember if The Marquis got our text or not but we did meet up so something worked. So I was astounded when we arrived at the Tahquamenon Rivermouth campground aannnddd… we… had… the 4G (????) I have to say that it was a bit intermittent but people *were* able to get online and at breakfast in Paradise Saturday morning, we had full service. Nothing at either of the falls but I will guess it’ll be there soon. (I *think* The Twinz of Terror were checking the weather in this photooo but more on that in a later post…)


Here’s our glamping spot — within an easy walking distance of flushy toilets and private showers, thank you. There’s the Ninja (little black car), the Uncly Uncle’s trusty old red Jeep Liberty, The Frog Hopper (green) and the Lyme Lounge (white) back there.


I gave myself a blahgging pass yesterday. I missed all five of you. I hope you were out doing something fun or cool or productive or whatever. I certainly hope you didn’t miss meeeeeee!

P.S. Thank you [again] Pete for organizing the cabin road repair. You did a great job! Doesn’t look all that different and the Ninja-eating crevasse crevice (crevasse is ice, crevice is rock) is gone.

5 Responses to “Glampin’ with them thar tubes in the wild and woolly great not-very-white north”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I was off the grid, so I didn’t know to miss you. 🙂 I was at the LaBrea Tar pits and then the Getty in LA, with no smart phone. I’m wondering if I really want one at times.

  2. Pooh Says:

    Margaret, we found our smart phones very useful at the Getty. Mark sent me a “where are you” (WRU) text, I sent a picture of Van Gogh’s “Irises”, and he knew right where I was. That was not the only picture of the art and THE ARCHITECTURE we took there! Such a great place!

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Definitely use the iPhone to text when separated on group outings. And the camera comes in handy in situations like Pooh describes and others. When we’re hiking, I always photograph the trail map, then we can refer to it whenever we need to.

  4. Paulette Says:

    In Yellowstone where there was “no service,” we found that we could text but not call each other. Strange?

  5. Pooh Says:

    I also take a picture of the rental car license plate when we’re travelling.