CPP here. Leftover but not purple.

shsmarchingbandTonight, for the first time since I was a kid and wanted to examine things like grains of sand or whatever, I asked the GG for a magnifying glass. I know we have them. He has carefully curated the three or five or whatever magnifying glasses that were in The Commander’s house. Why do I need a magnifying glass? Because I am sifting through old black and white photoooos that are I’m gonna guess 2×3 inches. The people are small and I am looking for faces. I *think* that the mystery girl in one of them is the woman I grew up knowing as Ag, who grew up with my dad and his siblings but had seven children before I was even born. She was photographed canoeing at the moominbeach. The GG wondered if it was Radical Betty. No. This beautiful young woman was not shaped like Radical Betty. But she obviously knew how to paddle a canoe, so it was unlikely she was a girlfriend from town or downstate or whatever. I found a somewhat larger image and thought I recognized some McNaughton facial features. So I’m guessing Ag.

I also scrutinized today’s photooo with the magnifying glass. It is the Soo High band marching past the relatively new Sault High building back in the 30s or thereabouts when it was relatively new. I attended 9th and 10th grade in that building, which was not all that new and wondrous by the late 60s. After a couple of failed millages, Sault Ste. Siberia built a wondrous new high school on the southern periphery of town and I attended *that* school for my junior and senior years. I was kind of hoping that if I used the magnifying glass on this marching band picture, I would find my dad playing the trombone in that marching band. Alas, I can’t find him in there.

My dad played the trombone in his youth. I suspect he may have had musical talent but all I ever heard him play was taps (once!) on some old trombone that was in our house and a bit of a chromatic scale on the piano. I could go on and on about that but I won’t. I got musical talent from somewhere, even though I don’t use it much any more.

And so good night. My Mouse is in a play in December and she is heavily into rehearsals now and she came over to eat some Plum Market food here and I gave her some leftover chicken pot pie to take home. And Lizard Breath is flying outta DTW to SFO tonight to spend her birthday on the left coast. Me, I am just schlepping along like usual, going to work, coming home and slogging through cosmic debris.

Love you all and good night,

3 Responses to “CPP here. Leftover but not purple.”

  1. UU Says:

    See if you can find Waldo!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Bon Voyage to Liz! What play is Mouse in?

  3. jcburns Says:

    I find that scanning them and putting them up on a big ol 27 inch computer screen almost always reveals details that you can’t even see with a mammoth magnifying lens. Sometimes even using your iPhone as a magnifier helps.