Sincerely yours, Garbage Woman…

piquettefordplantA rather grumpy old garbage woman at that. Can I blame the wind? Why was I not expecting that it would be chilly and blustery today? And why did it bother me so much? It wasn’t *that* bad. But here’s a warning. Today’s entry is just about as boring as it can get and my feelings will not be at all hurt if you click away. Maybe you would rather keep up with the Kardashians or whoever. If so, go for it! [grin]

I’m frustrated because, despite all of the work I have been doing the last few years to de-clutter and de-hoard, it feels messy and cluttered and dusty and grimy around here lately. I’m frustrated at how hard this process is. About how much stuff I *cannot* get rid of because it doesn’t belong to me. That was not a subtweet. Everybody else in the family is just as busy as I am (even the GG, now that the government has temporarily regained at least a modicum of sanity). That’s a good thing because it means that everyone is gainfully employed and therefore able to pay their own bills [not to mention they are taxpayers, ahem]. But the beach urchins do not have time to go through their stuff (and they don’t have room for it) and I don’t have time (or the will) to nag them. And *that* was also not a sub-tweet. Just a baggy old garbage woman baying at the moon.

But. I am at a tough place in this process. Today I focused on the *dreaded* bunch of random items that are strewn about “Mouse’s room”. I want that room to be a *comfortable* place for a guest to sleep in. Right now? Not so much. I managed to pack up two boxes of random stuff that I am absolutely sure doesn’t have any monetary *or* sentimental value. Just stuff that The Comm acquired in the last few years and couldn’t quite manage to get rid of. I am not anywhere near 90 but I have seen 90 in primary colors and I know how difficult it can be to deal with “stuff” at that age.*

Other stuff, I’m not so sure of. A few random china items that could be Fin or Mac or who knows. I’m definitely saving those and maybe next summer, The Beautiful Jan can help me figure out if they are Fin or not because I sure don’t remember them. And there’s that damn broiler pan that I’m not sure I will *ever* use but cannot quite donate. And The Comm’s wedding cake pans. When I was a kid, The Comm had a reputation as a decent wedding cake baker. She did not make fancy Pinterest-worthy cakes with fondant or whatever. This was back in the days when wedding receptions were in the church basement and her cakes were the typical white tiered cakes with little bride and groom figurines on the top. Those cakes were good! Back in the day, The Engineer used to ask for wedding cake for his birthday cake. Of course she didn’t make a tiered wedding cake for The Engineer’s birthday. She made trains and firecrackers and things!

Anyway, I have her cake pans. I do not think I can get rid of them. Not yet. Does anyone in the family want them? I cannot just randomly donate them. But I doubt that I will *ever* use them. And I doubt that anybody who makes wedding cakes in any kind of professional way or even as a hobby would want them. I bet there are much more sophisticated smart cake baking products on the market these days.

I did make progress today but it was not easy. Three steps forward, two steps back.

*On the other hand, The Comm’s room at FV got quite cluttered as she cajoled people (me, the GG, and The Beautiful Jan, mostly) to help her bring stuff down there from her house. Wink wink wink!

2 Responses to “Sincerely yours, Garbage Woman…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m with you here–I would really like to get the girls’ rooms usable for SOMETHING, but they function right now as their storage/dumping ground. Thankfully, I can just close the doors, but it still bothers me. I also need to get rid of more of Patt’s stuff, but it’s so hard to figure out what to do.

  2. Pooh Says:

    Fran made a wonderful cake for our wedding! No bride and groom on the top, just flowers. We saved the (frozen) top layer for our 1st anniversary, and it was still great.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.