17 Stoplights

I think I had to stop at every single dad-ratted one of these lights this morning:

  1. N. Maple/Dexter
  2. Dexter/Huron/Jackson/Revena
  3. Huron/S. Seventh
  4. S. Seventh/Liberty
  5. S. Seventh/Pauline
  6. S. Seventh/Stadium
  7. Stadium/S. Main
  8. S. Main/S. Industrial/Henry/Park
  9. S. Industrial/Stimson
  10. Packard/Pine Valley
  11. Packard/Stone School
  12. Packard/Eisenhower
  13. Packard/Platt
  14. Packard/Fernwood
  15. Packard/Turnberry
  16. Packard/Carpenter
  17. Clark/WCC entrance

Well, that’s the S. Seventh route. I don’t do the Stadium route right now because Stadium is one big excavation site. Freeway? No way! At least not during the morning rush hour. And guess what? I get to run the whole blasted gauntlet again this afternoon!

2 Responses to “17 Stoplights”

  1. jane Says:

    How about the backroads routes? I used various routes on my way to St. Joe’s many years ago. Try to go via Fuller or Geddes, onto Huron River Drive (alongside the Huron Hills golf course), to Hogback to Clark?

    give me a call if this doesn’t make sense.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Hmmm, hadn’t thought of going over to that side of town. Maybe I’ll try it one of these days. Probably there are all kinds of stoplights even over there these days. Honestly, the logical thing to do would be to take the freeway but I’m always afraid there’ll be a big goddamn backup getting off at Washtenaw. Coming *home* it is definitely the best way.