November at its grayest

fallcolor2And darkest. I turned on my actual headlights to drive home today, not just the running lights. Then I walked over to the Plum after work and wondered if my red skirt and shoes would make me at all visible crossing the Maple/Dexter intersection on the way home. (Shelf-stocking gal to KW [who was happily fumbling around in the Near East rice / couscous / quinoa section]: Are you finding everything? KW [uber-cheerfully]: Sure! I’m just randomly wandering. What do I wanna cook tonight? Salmon! Yeah!). So, to combat the gray and dark of a typical rainy November day, here’s a little color. I’m not happy with how this one turned out. I lust after the upgraded camera in the iPhone 5S. Although, in truth, it is the photographer who makes the photo good or bad, not the equipment. This was a cheap and dirty shot. We were walking up W1.5’s street and the GG was ahead of me and I wanted to catch up. Not to mention that I was lugging a heavy backpack filled with produce from the farmer’s market. It’s colorful though and I love color. And sometimes the absence of it. It’s complicated, my relationship with color…

It’s funny (to me) that I took a series of serious college courses on web graphics aka photoshop and nowadays I can often do pretty much what I need to do to tinker with a photo with my phone. That’s not to say that photoshop isn’t a valuable tool any more. Just that for the average baggy old vanity blahgger, it isn’t totally necessary. But I still use it. I know how to use it!

And when are we going to stop calling these smart phone devices phones? They are full-fledged computers that fit in our pockets. I do occasionally use my iPhone to actually make a call but only occasionally. I HATE phones. I am so awkward with phone conversations.

Has @TwentyPoundCarp revealed his / her identity? Cryptic tweets from Planet Ann Arbor politicos indicate that may be the case but I am not an insider (and don’t want to be, heaven forbid!) and do not know the truth. I was kind of hoping the carp would go along indefinitely. I mean, the REAL carp, the actual FISH that was moved from the pond in West Park to Gallup Park. That carp could well be dead by now but I loved that he lived on via Twitter. Note to my fourth ward readers (all two of them): as intriguing as the carp was as a candidate, I’d’ve probably voted for Eaton. For whatever reason, the fourth ward seems to have ended up with some of the most insipid council reps ever in the last few years and I’m glad to see one of them get replaced by someone who actually cares about, oh, you know, SERVICES. For TAXPAYERS…

4 Responses to “November at its grayest”

  1. l4827 Says:

    It appears that Jack’s eaton the Carp. It was a split vote amongst the fourth Ward readers.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I think the photo is beautiful. I’m still trying to figure out the phone situation. A verizon store has opened up now about 5 minutes from my house, so I have NO EXCUSE. P.S. I hate the time change and dark evenings. Very depressing.

  3. Sam Says:

    Go for the camera; the iPhone 5s is…perfect for you. Seriously.

  4. Tonya Says:

    Loving my 5s, except that PhotoStream has NOT worked at all since I’ve had it. I’ve tried all sorts of settings and things and it refuses to work. (So THAT frustrates me. I loved PhotoStream).

    I actually did a fun “project” with Photoshop at work today. One of the bigwigs wanted something funny done and I managed to do it placing certain coworker faces on another photo, in the vein of “Jib Jab.” It actually turned out quite well and I heard all kinds of guffaws up and down the corridors. (That’s my idea of “fun work!” Doesn’t happen often enough). :o)