Uncle Fester blows a gasket

unclefesterI don’t *think* I’ve posted this photoooo anywhere before. Possibly Instagram but I’m in a somewhat closed loop over on Instagram. It was a couple months ago when the Lyme Lounge was still hanging out in the trailer spot at the moominbeach and Jay et al were there. Us kids were hanging out in the trailer to get away from the parents… I dunno why I’m posting it now. Maybe because the GG aka Uncle Fester might want a new profile pic?

I don’t have much today. Work involved archaeological digs. I love those trips down into old functional specs. Either the design was “before my time” (I love to say that) or I was involved in designing it but can’t remember (off-hand) why we did what we did and / or why our dev team got it so wrong. When they get something wrong, I always consider it my fault for not explaining it clearly. Today it was a combination and I have more work to do tomorrow…

I read that it was an F0 tornado that closed the I75 SUV Speedway in both directions between Gaylord and Grayling last night. Knocked down some trees. Like I said yesterday, we didn’t really get much here but a lot of folks are without power and there were many tree limbs down. The EUP was deluged with water and people posted pictures on facebook of the Ashmun Street bridge with tons of water *on* it. And there was Easterday Avenue River. I lived up there for my entire childhood and I saw plenty of snow and sometimes plenty of water but not anything like what was in those photos from today. Kinda like when people were kayaking in the streets in downtown Ann Arbor last summer…

That is about all of the mindless blather that I can come up with for today. I do hope that the Planet Ann Arbor city council repeals the damn crosswalk law tonight. As both a driver and a pedestrian, my overall *opinion* is that it’s a horrible law that was not at all thought through. Fingers crossed for a repeal…

2 Responses to “Uncle Fester blows a gasket”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Stormy in lots of places!! We just have gray sky and rain. Yucky, but not dangerous. That is a FUNNY photo!!

  2. jane Says:

    my power came back on sometime this morning while I was at work. went home at lunch to see if it was warmer at my condo than at the parental units hosue. power back on, heat turned up! and then I stopped by the PUs to tell them to go to my place. except they’re not home. they’re out somewhere warm for lunch I assume…. and will eventually go back home to see the note I left. at least the sun is out today!