Octo Political Opinions

“They lie.”

“They were interviewing him and all he did was dodge the questions.”

“If he gets in [elected], I’m gonna go somewhere.” “Whereya gonna go? Canada?” “I’m just gonna stay in my little puddle.”

“If he’s taken in by that other guy, *I* don’t want to vote for *him*.”

“I was so unimpressed by him, I just about died.”

“I just throw the stuff away. There’s some other stuff I throw away too.”

“She inherited what the other guy left her. A whole bunch of crap.”

“I don’t know why people can’t see through him.”

“Everybody is just out for whatever they can get.”

“Why are we in that war? I’d sure like to know.”

“Democrat or Republican, they’re all the same.”

[Smash!] “Darn, I almost got that little bugger!” [Fly, not politician.]

“Well, I probably won’t be around by then, so it doesn’t matter to me.”

“*Why* under the *sun* do we have people like *that* in the government?” [I won’t say what that reaction was to. I just wish I’d gotten a picture.]

Who are all these hims and hers? It doesn’t matter. Just fill in the blanks with your favorite politicians.

3 Responses to “Octo Political Opinions”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    JHMK! I am NOT an Octo, but I sure do think all those same thoughts [although the one about the *fly* hasn’t concerned me lately…].

    I just would like a candidate I can actually vote FOR, instead of being forced to vote AGAINST “the other guy” [whomever THAT may be]. And, yes, this is my “broken record” political statement.

    And, NO, I do NOT know who I am going to vote either FOR or AGAINST this year. My apathy is showing…

  2. mouse Says:

    grok grok! more people need to be thinking those things… grokgrokGROKGROKGROK!! (steal that colored lamp for me, unless grandmoom wants it =D )

  3. l4827 Says:

    There is always the write-in. 🙂

    To be identified as a write-in candidate, one must register by the Friday before the election as a write-in. Otherwise the write-in is not counted as a specific individual but rather goes to a general count category.

    14827 for ________ (to be filled in)