In a dark, dank, dusty, moldy, rodent and spider-ridden corner of the Landfill Dungeon…

Lives a [an?] historic workbench. Covered with old dead computers and related crap. And other stuff. Horse’s patoot anyone? Okay, some of those computers aren’t dead exactly. They just don’t do useful things like connect to the Internet. Aaaaaannnnd. A talking moose! Yes. There really is a talking moose and it lives in the system folder of that loverly little cyberbeastie sitting right there on that wonderful old historic workbench. Which can’t be used for anything, um, worky, because it is busy serving as a place to store old dead computers and related crap. And I’m back at the beginning of this paragraph, I guess.

The loverly old cyberbeastie in the picture was once a much-beloved Family Computer here at the Landfill. And it *was* a family computer. It was purchased just before the little Mouse was born. In fact, I remember once I had to call the EPA front desk to have the GG paged for some kind of buying-a-new-computer issue and telling the receptionist that I was NOT having the baby. It was just a computer thing. No emergency. But that computer is just about Mouse’s age, probably within a week.

We used that computer for more than a few years. The newborn Mouse got to be 2-1/2 and learned to play a little concentration game that came on it and even learned how to use the, uh, mouse, to navigate the top menu to get a new game. All the while standing rather precariously on a stool. The Millennial Generation in action.

The Talking Moose… Yes. One day, I walked into the “computer room” and hit the button to faaaarrr up the computer. Spronnnnnnnng Chunka-chunka-chunka-chunka. Everything was all right. Or so I thought. Just as it was about to display the desktop? Kaboom!!! Crash and burn. I did it all again. And again. And again. I called the GG. No answer. I called the EPA front desk to have him paged. No baby on the way this time. “WHY THE #$&* DOES THE *$#^ COMPUTER CRASH EVERY TIME I TRY TO START IT UP”. Yes, I was probably yelling. No, I am not proud of myself. The GG’s response: “Oh. The Talking Moose must be in the system folder again.” !!!!!!! So, what do I have to do? The answer was to dredge out that computer’s boot disk and use that to start it up. Remember those old floppy disks? Who still has those? I know I have some somewhere.

We went on with life and, several computers later, there was the Strawberry iMac shown in yesterday’s post. That was our *last* “family” computer and it went to the recycling center a couple weeks ago. But that’s a whole ‘nother story and I am outta steam for today.

3 Responses to “In a dark, dank, dusty, moldy, rodent and spider-ridden corner of the Landfill Dungeon…”

  1. Sam Says:

    Oh, you tell such a fine tale. I read it out loud to my in-house computer expert, and we both were in stitches over this wonderful story. JCB says he has a personal history with that same moose (or its clone anyway), and KW speaks The Truth….

  2. isa Says:

    i computer just like that is a mantle decoration in a friends’ house in san francisco… hello 25-year-olds, 2008.

  3. Dog Mom Says:

    wow… I think our *2-floppy-drive” Macintosh SE went out in the trash not long after The Engineer discovered that folks were turning the shells into aquariums and selling them on e-bay….and getting more $$ for them than as a real computer….

    I have similar memories of Valdemort (now a Super Geek) as a year-old/18-month playing “Play Room” on the ol’ SE and having the greatest time making the dino *snort*!!! Got the greatest giggles from her every time!

    Both Nook & Valdemort – like Mouse & Lizzzzard – have been computer-savvy from almost Day One!!! Yep, the Compy Gen (or something like that?)