In the zone

zoneYesterday was such a glorious day. And then there was, well, today. Photoshop auto-corrected the color in the zone photooo to something a little brighter and whiter and that was probably accurate but this kind of gray-blue cast is more what I remember about this morning so I canceled the auto-correct.

I didn’t sleep well last night, mainly because we forgot to turn down the thermostat at the Group Home and I woke up at that Batscope Hour hot and thirsty. I took care of the thirst issue directly but the thermostat is downstairs and I couldn’t quite muster the focus to walk down the stairs and around to the back hall and TURN THE DAMN THING DOWN! I got *back* to sleep only to conjure up nightmares involving people who are on the other side. You do not want to know and fortunately I have only a fleeting memory. That dream woke me up and of course by then I needed to visit the water closet. Variations on a theme, anyone?

Even though it was dark when I got up, I could tell that the weather was taking a downward turn. We hadn’t talked about skiing this morning. I think we both assumed we would ski if the conditions were any good. I took a walk to test the “waters”. Ice ice ice. Not a total sheet of ice exactly but enough slippery spots that if I hadn’t had the foresight to strap on my YakTrax, I would have returned for them.

I made the executive decision that we would not ski today. I texted the GG from way around the point. Something like, “Whaddya think? Little Boots? Icy.” Little Boots is our Houghton Lake equivalent of a Cowboy Bar. It does not serve beer. It has a sign that proclaims something like, “There’s one meal of the day without beer. It’s called breakfast.” I love Little Boots. I always order the Gunslinger Quesadilla, which comes cut in thirds. I eat two of the thirds and box the other for breakfast the next morning.

The GG was okay with my executive decision. (Don’t tell anyone but I actually think he overdid things a bit yesterday.) We went back to the Group Home, packed and cleaned up and were driving out just as the temperatures were diving down into the 20s accompanied by a loverly freezing mist. Perfect Black Ice driving conditions. The I75 SUV Speedway was pretty okay actually. We bailed off of it at exit 202 to take M13 for a while but that was just because we *like* to take M13 sometimes, past The Big Mouse at Wilson’s Cheese Shop and other attractions. We merged back onto the I75 SUV Speedway just north of Bay City and had dry roads from there.

I watched the temperature inch from 25 up to 42 throughout the day. Now we’re down to 27. Yes, cold weather is returning. And possible ice around The Planet Ann Arbor tonight. Everyone be careful driving.

One Response to “In the zone”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I HATE ICE!! You are so brave to drive in it. My house drops down to 60 at night and when I’m at work–perfect sleeping conditions. Sometimes, it doesn’t make it all the way down to 60, even in the winter–but even 63 feels cold when I get up and it’s shut down. (because it thinks I’m gone)