Move along if you don’t want to read about flinging (or weather (or life))

paperwhitesLemme see…

Garbage cart out to the curb.

Recycle cart out to the curb.

One trash bag full of clothes and shoes (contributed by several people) out for Easter Seals to pick up.

One box of small appliances to Habitat for Humanity. Including two clocks that the GG and I have expressed second thoughts about. He was remembering that after The Comm began her decline, she *always* wanted to be able to see her digital alarm clock and he assisted her with that on many occasions. I did not remember that. I don’t think she ever asked me about her clock. I got stuck with all the existential questions… (I always joke that she liked the GG better than me, at least those last few years.) I realized after the fact that the cute little Westclox mechanical alarm clock was small enough to find a niche around here somewhere, even though I would never use it. Oh well. Can’t look back. It is sooooo hard to make decisions when there is a lot of random stuff and I am picking at it sporadically. And I am not perfect, as more than a few folks will tell you.

Two boxes of kitchen paraphernalia and assorted knick knacks to Kiwanis. They sell all kinds of crap there. I saw people (I mean people like meeeee) walking outta there with bags of “bargains”. I am not complaining or even being snarky. Just observing. I did save a Sandy Claws thingy outta one of those boxes. I do not want to *grow* my current collection of Santas. I was able to put it away in ONE BOX today with a bit of room for a few other ornaments and I want to keep it that way! But I thought he needed to be with his buddies.

All of that was punctuated with a Skunk Walk, a vehicular trip out to Meijer, a walk to the Plum Market, an unsuccessful trip to DreamMaker Kitchens & Bathrooms (it wasn’t open), a couple loads of laundry, a gorgeous impromptu drive through downtown and along the river, gasoline in the Frog Hopper, and an afternoon of cooking and pre-cooking (nothing exciting), running Rooooomba, and adding a bunch of *ancient* books to a bookshelf (and dusting said bookshelf). Plus the GG did a bunch of stuff involving the hardware store and keys.

Are you tired yet? I am and I don’t even feel like I did that much today.

We’re under a weather warning here. A foot of snow maybe? After that the temperature is apparently going to dip seriously below zero (F) for a few days. I’m not sure what they’re calling this one. I think we’re up to about “I” at this point. “Iago?” “Iain?” “Ianthe?” “Ib?” “Icarus?” “Iggy?” Ion. A lot of people are in a bit of a dither about this. I would be included in that dithering group if I or anyone I care about had to drive more than a couple miles in the next couple days. Me? I was kibbitzing with the Queen Bee just before I left work yesterday and we were idly discussing the weather forecast and without any prompting at all, she said, “Work from home on Monday if you need to.” I prefer to schlep into Cubeland to work. I appreciate the ability to occasionally telecommute. I love working for a company that encourages that.

P.S. Look at my beautiful paper whites that my mouse gave me!

One Response to “Move along if you don’t want to read about flinging (or weather (or life))”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My MIL used to give me paper whites. They are beautiful. A dumb question: what happens to your outside cars (and your PIPES) in that kind of cold? I am an ignoramus.