My Trash or Whose?

“Well, what about all the trash that’s in the car from all your trips?” Guess who. Hmmmm, lemme see…

  • Four partial bottles of water and two full ones. Not mine.
  • One partial bottle of that ucky blue Gatorade. Definitely not mine!
  • Three books of matches from Yvonne’s Airport Restaurant and one from the Wagon Wheel Saloon. Yes, *that* Wagon Wheel Saloon. Mine? I doubt it since I don’t smoke cigars. Or anything else, for that matter.
  • Two Uniball Microfine pens. Mine!
  • Two mechanical pencils. Definitely not mine!
  • One Albion College pen, bic-style. Not mine! Or maybe it is. I don’t remember who picked that pen up.
  • One red sharpie. Probably mine, left over from YAG days.
  • A roll of scotch tape. Also probably a leftover from YAG.
  • A little pad of car-shaped note paper that looks like it was formerly wet. Not mine. I don’t work for the EPA.
  • A pad of small neon yellow post-it notes. Probably mine, probably a YAG leftover.
  • Two mis-matched KMart type knit gloves. Yup, those would be mine and they were in there for a reason.
  • Two paper clips. Probably mine.
  • Two bobby pins. Not mine. With *my* hair? Why bother?
  • Four little packages of Kleenex.
  • A package of Windex wipes, completely dried out and useless. I probably put it in there.
  • Two ice scrapers.
  • A map of Michigan.
  • Two dust cloths.
  • One of those casette thingies that lets you plug your iPod in to the vee-hickle speakers.
  • A cell phone charger.
  • A Shell receipt.
  • Uncountable particles of dust, dirt, sand, mud, leaves and other organic material.
  • Hair (mine, no doubt) and other crud and corruption.

I dunno. I just do not want to take responsibility for every little blasted scrap of flotsam and jetsam and cosmic debris that inhabits the landfill and all three of the vee-hickles that currently reside on the adjacent street and driveway. Yeah, I have probably left some crap in various vee-hickles. Yeah, I did do a lot of traveling this winter. Not by choice for the most part, although I made the best of it when I could. But I am not sure that I am solely responsible for most of whatever crap gets left in various vee-hickles. Sigh.

It could be worse. I didn’t find any McDonald’s bags. Sincerely yours, Garbage Woman. grook GROK!

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