Just try to get to the Yooperland!

Lemme see… Woke up at 5:30, used the Water Closet, then fell back to sleep until the GG woke me at 7:00! That was not the plan. Wanted to be up and out early. At least the dream I had between Water Closet and Rude Awakening was decent (although I can’t remember it). So, a quick walk to the point and back, then Little Boots for my fave breakfast quesadilla (boxed one third of it of courserous).


Ski Ranch trails: Wild Turkey, Manitou, Adventure, and Rolling Hills. Got to the ranch before the groomers had done all the trails so a bit of trail breaking was in order. That’s okay with me. I am an old-skool X-C skier and I actually enjoy breaking trail.


This faaarrrplace (at the Ski Ranch) always reminds me of the faaarrrrplace in the Old Cabin. When us cuzzints swam on cold days, we would always stand in front of the Old Cabin faaaarrrplace afterwards to warm up. Today was a cold and blustery day and I stood in front of the Ski Ranch faaaarrrplace a good long time, warming up.


It is Tip Up Town weekend! Yaayyy! We had tentative plans to spend our usual half hour or so at TUT but we ended up wimping out because of the severe cold and strong winds. This has been the view out the Group Home front window for most of the day.


Here’s a photoooo from a TUT weekend long ago. Those are erderator (alligator) mittens in case you couldn’t tell. Oh yeah, the blueberry eyed munchkin in the middle is Lizard Breath and those are her cuzzints Don and Doug.


That day, if I remember accurately, was pretty cold but sunny and calm. This is what TUT looked like today. We drove the Frog Hopper out onto the ice but did not get out. This photo doesn’t show the intermittent white-out conditions.


The Twinz of Terror are hunkering down in front of a [bad] movie (Miss Congeniality II) and I’m watching snowmobiles go by on the lake. We’re gonna grill some brats tonight and, if we’re lucky, some 20-somethings will visit for ‘hattans. Oh yeah, apparently it is not easy to get to the yooperland this weekend. Glad I am not trying to.

2 Responses to “Just try to get to the Yooperland!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like you are cozy just as you are!! Bad movies can be very diverting. What is in that breakfast quesadilla? I would probably love it. I am a fan of breakfast foods.

  2. l4827 Says:

    Wow, what a nice shot of the bridge! Glad we’re not going up either. Spent day unexpectedly with niece and that was nice. Now it seems that there are more flakes in Ann Arbor than ever, ‘course, this makes for a grate Igloo.