Happy Birthday Sam!

sam.jpgOne of my best friends in life! When I spotlight search for “sam” on this contraption, what I get is about a million dog pictures. But I did find this pic that her husband jcb took (he also fixed my spotlight search this summer, thanks!). I like this pic because she’s typing away on her powerbook in a park, something I’ve been known to do on a few occasions. And I’ve always loved that hat with it’s its (sheesh!) hand-made sunflaps.

Sam was originally a college friend of Jay and we met when she and Jay visited Radical Betty once back in the Jurassic Age. She was nice enough but, for whatever reason, we didn’t connect immediately. Probably just because we already had our own social circles. But it didn’t take long before I more or less stole her from Jay. (Just kidding, they are still good friends too.)

Sam grew up in the Lansing area, spending summers at her family’s cabin on Manistique Lake in the yoop. She lives in Hot-lanta now and is a full-fledged archaeologist, goes on digs and everything. She blahgs at archaeofacts.com.

Happy birthday Sam! I think I know which one it is. Hope yours is as good as mine was!

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